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What Should I Know About Personal Injury Law After My Slip and Fall?

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Personal Injury

Slip and fall accidents are the responsibility of the property owner. Learn more about your rights today.

Do you have questions about personal injury law? Slip and fall accidents are unpredictable and can sometimes be fatal. The legal remedies available are unique to the specific accident. For example, you are walking in the mall and you slip and fall. If this development has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the establishment, they owe you a duty of care. If this accident were to happen, how do you proceed?

Invoking Personal Injury Law in Your Favor

In the event of a slip and fall, the law will need to identify the following crucial things:

  1. Responsibility. Who is responsible for the ‘slip and fall’? Typically, the law will hold the owner of the property responsible since they are responsible for your safety while on their property. However, this principle does not hold true for accidents that are beyond the establishment’s prevention.
  2. Who to talk to. At the point when the accident happens, you want to be very keen on whom you engage. The management of the mall or supermarket will want to keep things as simple as possible and maybe avoid taking responsibility. They could even try to convince you that the accident was because of your negligence. Be wise and stay silent.
  3. Talk to a lawyer. Your attorney will be the only person with your best interest at heart when you slip and fall. They know the ropes, and they will advise you on the necessary steps to take. The law provides for compensation should an accident result from negligence.

Statute of Limitation in Personal Injury Law

The statute of limitation differs for the various states, but the general time within which you can file a suit against the establishment is four years. If it takes you longer than that to seek justice, you will be time-barred. If you contact a lawyer right after the incident, they will have plenty of time to gather the information they need and bring your matter to court.

The Compensation that You Could expect within Personal Injury Law

Compensation depends on the nature of the accident and the attorney’s expertise, but you could seek to be compensated for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future medical treatment
  • Past and future economic loss
  • Past and future care

You do not have to face a slip and fall accident alone. Frankly, you would not get far in your pursuit for compensation, as the establishment’s attorneys will ensure they give you as little as they can. But you have the law on your side, and all you have to do is seek the services of a personal injury attorney. He or she will lead you through this complicated process. Have questions about personal injury law? Contact the Wilbanks Law Firm, P.C. online.