A Georgia Commercial Lease Lawyer Protects Your Interests In A Dispute

Commercial leases involving shopping centers, office complexes and other commercial properties tend to involve high dollar amounts, so retaining an experienced Georgia commercial lease lawyer to protect your interests in a lease dispute is a wise course of action to take.

Drafting or entering into a commercial lease in Georgia requires careful attention to detail and full knowledge of Georgia landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities. Commercial lease rents are based on square footage, “Percentage Rent” (additional rent due based on sales) and, in some cases, common area overhead and maintenance, utilities, and property taxes. Disagreements over how those costs are calculated or disputes over rights and responsibilities concerning maintenance may arise.

A Wilbanks Law Firm Georgia landlord-tenant lawyer protects landlord rights, including eviction and pursuing all parties for unpaid rent as well as defends and enforces tenant rights, such as lease extension options, build-outs and personal guarantees.

A Commerce Real Estate Lease Lawyer With Negotiation Skills

Every lease is different, but there are some standard provisions. Unfortunately, even “standard provisions” may vary, causing a dispute. Georgia landlords and tenants benefit from an experienced Commerce real estate lease lawyer who knows how to negotiate a settlement. For tenants, that may mean inserting a sales cap provision or removing it from the lease altogether. For landlords, lease terms enforcement may be necessary.

We work hard, moving swiftly to see that damages and/or liability are as minimal as possible.

While striving for an out-of-court settlement, a Wilbanks Law Firm real estate litigation lawyer is unafraid to litigate deficiency claims and aggressively represent clients in a professional yet firm manner. We believe that Georgia’s landlord-tenant disagreements should be resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, so we prepare each case for court.

Consult A Georgia Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Consult with a Georgia real estate lawyer for help with commercial landlord-tenant disagreements. When a contract contains poorly drafted language or an unforeseen contingency arises, we help clarify terms and when bad faith or fraudulent acts occur, we are persuasive and successful litigators.

You may not even have to take a dispossessory action (eviction) to court, depending on the contract language. Self-help, such as a lock-out, retention of belongings, or cutting off utilities may be permitted, but we recommend allowing the legal system to work for you to avoid having a judgment against you.

Don’t hesitate. Doing so could result in a claim disqualification. Get in touch with a Commerce commercial landlord-tenant dispute lawyer at Wilbanks Law Firm and get your Georgia lease dispute settled. Contact us online or call 706-510-0000.