A Commerce Truck Accident Attorney Ensures That You Are Fully Compensated For Losses

Protecting your rights following a Georgia truck accident with catastrophic injury can become quite complicated, especially if more than one at-fault party is involved. A Commerce truck accident attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm will see to it that you are fully compensated for the damages you and/or your passengers have suffered.

Because of the heavier weight of the vehicle, commercial truck accident injuries are oftentimes far more extensive than other motor vehicle accidents, whether it is an everyday delivery truck, 18-wheeler semi tractor-trailer, or airport shuttle passenger van.

Semi-truck drivers, their employers, trucking company owners and others can and should be held responsible when they fail to comply with federal and state trucking guidelines, which include mandatory rest periods, pretrip maintenance inspections, and loading and weight balance. Proving noncompliance may be difficult, especially when there are multiple at-fault parties, so it is important to hire a Georgia trucking accident lawyer with a solid record of winning cases.

Retain A Commerce Injury Attorney Who Uses The Latest Technology

Have you been severely injured by a reckless or inattentive driver? A Wilbanks Law Firm Commerce injury attorney utilizes the latest technology and a panel of proven experts to build your case. Broken bones, amputation, paralysis, and head and neck injuries can cause lifelong pain and suffering.

Has a defective part caused an accident that inflicted a terrible injury on you? We’ve all heard about defective tires and faulty brake systems, but any experienced Commerce products liability litigation lawyer knows that faulty steering mechanisms, motor parts, and even the straps used to secure cargo can cause catastrophic injuries. We make sure all current, past and future medical needs are considered.

Georgia Civil Litigation Lawyers Well-Prepared To Take On Big Insurers

Many of our clients are stunned by indifferent insurance agents and investigators, including their own, but our legal team is well-prepared to take on big insurers and their pressure tactics. Sleepiness, DUI or drug use (prescription or illegal) may be covered up with false documentation. The insurance company may offer a quick and easy settlement hoping you won’t notice, but we know how to negotiate and/or litigate with skilled courtroom expertise.

We know how to unearth documents that they prefer to keep unnoticed. Our legal team carefully investigates all facts pertaining to your case and reviews them with experts in the field when necessary. We reinterview witnesses, oftentimes discovering evidence that had not been brought to light in the first investigation. Fully qualified to represent clients in all local, state and federal courts, the Georgia personal injury attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm are well-respected and established civil litigators.

Big rig and other truck accidents oftentimes result in catastrophic injury. You need compensation for your loss, pain, and suffering. Let us take on the insurers for you so that you can focus on healing. Instead of saying the wrong thing and possibly disqualifying your claim, get in touch with a Commerce Georgia truck accident lawyer at Wilbanks Law Firm today. Call 706-510-0000 or contact us online.