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Georgia Negligent Construction Attorney: Multiple Skills – A Winning Combination

Negligent construction is an action taken against a contractual party for damages done to property or when they fail to perform their duties. For instance, a contractor may file a lawsuit against a subcontractor for faulty workmanship or claim against a concrete company that used substandard materials, which resulted in foundation failure. A Commerce construction law attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm, represents Georgia owners, general contractors, subcontractors, lenders, sureties and suppliers, litigating and defending charges of negligence damage. Other parties we have represented have included construction consultants, architects, designers, professional engineers, and developers.

Anyone facing or defending negligence charges needs a skilled lawyer at their side. Business law knowledge, experience, and delivery skills are a necessary combination to win your case. A Wilbanks Law Firm, Georgia negligent construction attorney is up to date on all current Georgia construction law (including recent legislature), is an experienced Georgia construction dispute litigator and is well-regarded as persuasive and effective counsel. Our history of successful business law litigation and defense has honed our courtroom skills to pinpoint accuracy when arguing or defending a case. Known for our respectful, fair yet firm mediation skills, we are oftentimes able to save our clients unnecessary legal expenses through negotiation.

Skilled Georgia Business Lawyer Negotiates Agreements, Litigates When Necessary To Prevent Deadline Delays

Don’t let a construction lawsuit delay the opening of your Georgia business or cancel an important contract. Oftentimes, a skilled Georgia business lawyer can negotiate an agreement that prevents a deadline disruption. There are times, however, when it is necessary to argue the matter before a judge and that is when it is important to carefully select your attorney.

A Georgia negligent construction lawyer at Wilbanks Law Firm vigorously challenges the other side’s “experts” to ensure the opposition does not prevail by using what is commonly referred to as “junk science” as evidence. We also look closely at the actions of the other side, looking for evidence of wrongdoing on their part. This is because Georgia is a “modified comparative negligence” state, meaning that if the plaintiff is also negligent and that negligence is equal to or greater than the defendant’s wrongdoing, the plaintiff cannot prevail. In other words, if both sides have erred, the plaintiff won’t win. Other defenses may include statute of limitations/statute of repose, “acceptance doctrine” (work that is accepted by owner/builder), and errors and omissions, among others.

Get In Touch With A Commerce Litigation Lawyer

Any Commerce breach of contract lawyer can advise you, but can they give you the kind of attention and legal representation you need? You may face tough opponents. Negligent construction damages are oftentimes covered under a commercial general liability (CGL) policy, but litigation may be necessary to make the insurance company pay.

We represent clients who have suffered damage from or are defending against negligent construction/misrepresentation, fraud, intentional defective construction, breach of contract and other claims of damages, settling disputes arising from:

  • Bond claims
  • Breach of warranty claim
  • Completion disputes
  • Contractor negligence
  • Delay disputes
  • Lien claims
  • Materialmen’s liens
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Payment disputes
  • Surety claims

Get in touch with a Commerce litigation lawyer at Wilbanks Law Firm to evaluate your case, weigh your options and determine the best approach for your particular circumstances, whether through litigation, mediation or arbitration. Free evaluations. Cases accepted under a contingency basis. Contact us online or call 706-510-0000.