Commerce Business Fraud Attorney Offers Top-Notch Fraudulent Practices Representation

Whether you are a victim of fraudulent business practices in Georgia or have been accused of unethical actions, you need top-notch representation from an experienced Commerce business fraud attorney. The Georgia Fair Business Practices Act regulates business behavior and ethics. Types of fraudulent practices include:

  • Contract fraud
  • Credit card abuses
  • Credit report fraud
  • Creditor harassment
  • False advertising, including “bait & switch”
  • False disparagement of competing companies or goods
  • Fraudulent billing, including price manipulation, cross-charging and cost inflation
  • Fraudulent conveyance (hiding assets from creditors)
  • Fixed bids
  • Hidden fees
  • Insurance fraud
  • Kickback allegations
  • Leasing fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • Substitutions
  • Telemarketing scams
  • Wanton acts of business fraud designed to confuse, mislead, or misrepresent goods or services.

For a complete overview of the vast scope of business fraud practices, get in touch with a Wilbanks Law Firm Georgia fraudulent business lawyer. We’ll evaluate the evidence in your case, explain your options, and why we can help you more effectively and efficiently than other area attorneys.

Why Should You Choose Wilbanks Law Firm Fraud Attorney?

Why should you choose a Wilbanks Law Firm fraud attorney? We can give you several good reasons. Because of his past employment with the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office, Dylan Wilbanks knows both sides of business fraud arguments, which gives clients an extra edge in negotiations as well as the courtroom. Fully versed in all aspects of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other consumer laws, we understand what actions are violations of law and what actions are allowable. Our history of complex civil litigation resulting in substantial settlements has earned us a reputation for superior business litigation representation.

Choose an experienced Georgia civil trial lawyer who is dedicated to winning your case and securing the most favorable decision in your favor. We understand that litigation or defense against an unfair or deceptive business fraud charge is new to most clients, so we take the time to fully explain your options, our recommendations, and how we intend to approach your case. We are dedicated to providing superior customer attention, and our client referrals reflect that ability.

Contact A Georgia Business Practice Fraud Lawyer Defends Against And Pursues All At-Fault Parties For Full Recovery

Do you have a Georgia business fraud case or do you need defense representation? A qualified Commerce business lawyer will help you answer that question. Once you’ve decided on what action to take, the next decision will be determining damages. A Georgia business practice fraud lawyer at Wilbanks Law Firm defends against and pursues all at-fault parties, seeking full recovery of equitable injunctive relief, including:

  • Attorney fees
  • General damages
  • Double and triple damages
  • Expenses of litigation
  • Punitive damages

Connect with us today and a Wilbanks Law Firm business fraud attorney will evaluate your case, file all necessary torts, briefs, and other paperwork, and guide and conclude all claims of fraudulent practices to a satisfactory conclusion. Call us at 706-510-0000.