Real Estate Litigation in Northeast Georgia

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve owned property for a while, you could be facing litigation related to your real estate. Without the right guidance, you’re at a disadvantage. Property disputes, quiet titles, or land use issues are some common disputes property owners face in northeast Georgia.

Attorney Dylan Wilbanks and the rest of the team at the Wilbanks Law Firm have helped many clients deal with their real estate issues. We understand that real estate issues can be overwhelming. We’re ready to protect you from fallout and ensure you don’t get stuck with a bad real estate deal.

With our help, you can effectively deal with real estate issues like quiet titles, boundary disputes, easements, and more. You should work with an experienced real estate lawyer to help your situation. The Wilbanks Law Firm is ready to help you.

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Understanding Real Estate Law in Georgia

There are several laws that affect property ownership in Georgia. Some laws offer protections to tenants and landlords. Other laws dictate what property owners can do on their property and what others cannot do on that same land.

Why Hire a Real Estate Law Attorney?

When you need to protect your interests or get permission to use your land how you want, call a real estate attorney. The bureaucracy of a zoning change or surveying your property may seem easy, but unforeseen hurdles could exist. By working with an attorney, you ensure paperwork gets filed correctly.

Some real estate issues arise when another entity makes a claim against your property or asserts that they have authority over your land. They may have lawyers on their side. Fighting their claims could be complicated alone. Working with an attorney gives you the support you need to hold your own. An experienced real estate lawyer can investigate the issue at hand, help you find precedent, and negotiate on your behalf.

Attorney Dylan Wilbanks has been practicing civil litigation for more than 20 years, and he’s ready to hear your story and help you find the solution that fits your needs.

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Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Northeast Georgia?

If you’re dealing with real estate issues in Georgia, you should call the Wilbanks Law Firm. We’re based in Commerce, but we help clients throughout northeast Georgia. We can help you with issues like:

Quiet Titles

There can be claims as to who owns the property, especially after a sale or title transfer. An experienced quiet title attorney can help mitigate issues by filing a quiet title lawsuit. This lawsuit can assert the property owner’s right to the land and limit other challenges.

Call Us If You Have Purchased Property at a Tax

Georgia law sets out a very specific set of procedures to turn your tax sale deed into marketable title. Essentially, you must wait at least a year to sever the rights of any previous owners to “redeem” the property by paying you back. We can help you with this procedure.

Once that is complete, a quiet title action is required in order for you to be able to sell your property. We handle these matters throughout the State of Georgia and are well-versed in the complex requirements standing between you and marketable title for your tax sale property.

A thorough investigation and proper filing can help a court rule in your favor, determining who has the right to the property in question. Each case is different, and the complexity of your case will depend on the number of challenges to your property. We’re prepared to help you quiet claims to your property.

Neighbor Disputes

Even if “good fences make good neighbors,” some disputes actually arise because of fences. It’s possible to have issues arise because of easements, whether one is necessary or if the scope of an existing easement is unnecessary. You could have issues with boundaries, fences, tree limbs, nuisances, eyesores, usage, or unsightly property conditions. A real estate attorney can help you protect your rights.

Zoning and Land Use Disputes

Zoning laws dictate the acceptable use of land. Zoning can be changed by making the right application and making your case for new usage. These cases occur when one party tries to obtain permits, attempts to enforce zoning laws, or reports an incident of inappropriate land usage within the zoned area. We can help you when someone tries to enforce zoning laws on you, or you’re accused of inappropriate usage within a certain zone.

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We Can Help With Your Real Estate Needs

Title disputes, breach of contract and failure to disclose defects are among the most common types of real estate litigation. A real estate lawyer can investigate a title to real estate you’d like to buy or help you build an ownership history.

We can also help you research zoning laws and file the necessary paperwork to make your real estate transfers as smooth as possible. We’ll help you prove the legitimacy of your claim to property. We can help you handle these issues, but we’re also ready for the more bizarre cases.

Georgia Real Estate FAQs

Will I Have to Take My Real Estate Issue to Court?

Litigation is one of the most effective methods of dispute resolution, but it should be considered a last resort, especially as it is costly. We can help you look for a way to effectively settle the issue outside of court, though sometimes the order of a superior court is the only way to correct title problems. We’ll help you navigate your way to an effective resolution.

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is a policy that can protect you against loss if the condition of title to the land differs than it is insured. Title insurance protects the policy holder from issues in the past. For instance, if there was a mistake in the public records regarding taxes, your policy would ensure you don’t take the blame for missed taxes. If you have it, sometimes it offers protection to you with respect to your title issue—we’ll help you determine if you have coverage.

Call Us For Your Georgia Real Estate Needs

Owning or selling property can be complex, depending on your situation. A real estate lawyer can help you defend yourself from claims against your property and ensure you have all the options available to you. Call the Wilbanks Law Firm. We’ve helped customers through their real estate issues. Even routine sales can be mired in red tape or issues of claims.

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