Business Litigation in Northeast Georgia

As Georgia business lawyers, we use our knowledge and experience to help you write new contracts, examine existing agreements, and work through partnership disputes. Our skills help busy clients like you focus on growing their business.

Whether entering a new agreement or fighting claims of contractual conflict, you need to ensure your business documents are fair and accurate. The Wilbanks Law Firm understands how a bad contract or business dispute can affect your operation. We can help resolve matters quickly, effectively, and with your interests in mind.

No matter the issue, work with an experienced business lawyer. Attorney Dylan Wilbanks has been helping clients throughout Northeast Georgia for years. He’s ready to hear from you and help find the best options.

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Exploring Legal Business Disputes in Georgia

As a practice area, business law can be broad, but it primarily deals with contract litigation. There can be issues between businesses, businesses and clients, or internal company issues. An effective lawyer with a background in business law to investigate and direct you toward a solution can ease your problems.

Do I Need a Business Law Attorney?

Organizing a company or working out agreements requires a lot of careful work, and without a thoughtful eye, mistakes could lead to costly errors. Once you have identified your dispute, your business attorney can help you find a way to resolve the issue.

There are regulations and protections surrounding business, and you need to ensure your company documents follow these laws and don’t violate your rights, your employees’ rights, or leave yourself open to being taken advantage of by other companies.

We have experience settling issues and are prepared to take the matter to court if necessary. Call us to share your needs so we can get started.

We Can Help With Your Business Issues

The Wilbanks Law Firm is located in Commerce in Jackson County, but we have helped clients across Northeast Georgia with their business law needs. We can help you with:

Contract Disputes

Legal contracts are meant to hold the signing entities accountable. If one side decides not to follow the written contract, they may be breaching the agreement. Complex contract language can lead to questions or disagreements. By working with a skilled contract law attorney, you can avoid conflicts. You might not be able to anticipate every issue, but you can be prepared for most of them.

The Wilbanks Law Firm can review your existing contracts, help you write new ones, or defend against breach of contract accusations.

Construction Disputes

Disputes surrounding construction could be accusations of shoddy work or failure to complete a project satisfactorily. There are also cases involving breaches of contract, misrepresentations of work, or other damages. By working with a knowledgeable lawyer who understands the legal side of the construction industry, you can evaluate your options for ensuring deadlines are met, or your damages are recouped.

We can help you with construction issues like bond claims, breach of warranty claims, completion disputes, contractor negligence, delay disputes, lien claims, materialmen liens, payment disputes, and more. We can examine the work that’s been done the work that still needs completed, and help you negotiate completion agreements.

Partnership Disputes

In Georgia, a general partnership can be two or more people working as co-owners of a business for profit. The law defines this as a partnership, which is afforded rights and duties detailed in the Uniform Partnership Act. Making a partnership can offer benefits, but there are disadvantages as well. If a partner doesn’t follow agreements established in the company, or if one partner is taking advantage of the business’s resources, a lawsuit could be needed to protect other partners’ interests.

Our business lawyers can help you review company documents and determine possible next steps to correct a partnership dispute.

Fraudulent Business Practices

Businesses rely on good relations and good reputations. Whether you’ve been a fraud victim or been accused of unethical practices yourself, you need a Georgia business fraud attorney.

Georgia’s Fair Business Practices Act prohibits unfair or deceptive acts. If a business attempts to defraud you through illegal or unfair acts, you could have a case against them. You should be prepared to defend yourself if you’ve been accused of deceiving clients or customers.

Call us if you need help bringing a lawsuit against a fraudulent business or defending your company from accusations. We’ve helped clients in similar situations and are ready to help you.

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Business Litigation FAQs

Will My Business Dispute Go to Court?

Each case is different, and your needs could differ from another client’s. Keeping your dispute from reaching court can help keep costs down, and we’ll try to negotiate a settlement out of court. Our goal is to provide as many options for our clients as possible, and working to secure a favorable negotiated resolution is part and parcel of preparing a case for trial.  But we’ll be prepared to take the matter before a judge. We are experienced corporate litigators and understand that some situations must be resolved through legal action.

When Should I Call a Business Attorney?

Depending on your needs, you might need a business law attorney before you create your company. If you already have a business but don’t have a lawyer helping you, you should consider calling one sooner rather than later. You don’t need to hire an in-house attorney, but meeting with one and determining your needs can help you whenever litigation issues arise.

Can You Help Me Decide What Business Model to Use?

When you’re forming a company, you should consider what type of business you want to have. Some examples include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. If you want help choosing your business model, you could call us and determine what each one requires before you file any paperwork.  We can provide the legal analysis to use in conjunction with advice from your accountant in selecting a business entity.

Call Us for Your Business Litigation Needs

When legal issues arise, your business may struggle to deal with the problem. But you don’t have to face these troubles alone. At the Wilbanks Law Firm, we understand that your business is your livelihood. As a small business, we know clearing up issues quickly and effectively is critical. We’re ready to hear your case and determine how to help you.

Attorney Dylan Wilbanks has years of civil litigation experience. He works with his team to examine disputes and find the best possible solutions for clients. We can help you.

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