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Commerce Estate Litigation Lawyer

When a Georgia resident dies, whether it was expected or not, shock waves can rumble through a family. Accusations of mishandling of the will or estate assets, whether unfair or justifiable, may alienate family members and friends. A Commerce estate litigation lawyer who has a full understanding of Georgia estate, probate and trust law can oftentimes diffuse volatile eruptions over details. Unfortunately, there are times when cases must be litigated, whether it is a disagreement over guardianship, evasive accounting or breach of fiduciary duties.

Blended families may have different agendas, so familiarity with estate law is important. Disputes over finances can erupt over charges that the administrator/executor failed to provide financial accounting, issues regarding the concept of a “year’s support,” an allowance for the surviving spouse and minor children, charges of self-dealing (improper use of estate assets for their own benefit), or wrongful interference with inheritance (property or other assets that are wrongfully withheld or diverted from the rightful recipient).

Additionally, actions for guardianship (responsibility for the physical care) of an incapacitated adult (the ward) and conservatorship (overseer of the ward’s assets/financial interests) must be established. We help clients to initiate guardianship/conservatorship on behalf of a loved one, protect a ward being taken advantage of, as well as filing petitions for change of guardianship and/or conservatorship.

Whether you are challenging custody or fighting to keep it, filing an accusation of self-dealing or defending against it, or simply questioning/justifying accounting practices, you want an attorney who has experience and talent for negotiating, mediating and litigating Georgia estate disputes and settlements. A skilled Georgia estate dispute attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm knows how to present your case in a way that will bring about a favorable judgment. We are unafraid to stand up and vigorously defend client interests.

Georgia Probate Dispute Lawyer

Probate litigation can be a complex process. A Georgia probate dispute lawyer with experience draws not only on knowledge of Georgia probate and estate law but he or she also knows that careful negotiation, years of mediation and psychology skills are important tools to hone. The probate process grows even more complicated when a loved one dies “intestate” (without a will).

Those who leave a last will and testament may not have used clear language, opening the door for others to contest the will. Other claims may involve charges of fraud, improper influence or execution. Finally, the existence of a later will or a claim that one exists can further muddy the waters.

Representing petitioners (plaintiffs) and respondents (defendants) and the estate itself in probate disputes, Commerce trial lawyer Dylan Wilbanks knows how to bring challenges to successful resolution.

Georgia Civil Litigation Lawyer

Challenges to a will’s validity can arise from any heir or beneficiary. Contesting a will or defending against allegations of probate wrongdoing requires careful examination of evidence by a qualified Georgia civil litigation lawyer. While every effort is made to settle issues out of court, our attorney is always fully prepared to litigate in court. Representing both plaintiffs and defendants involved in estate and trust disputes, we are dedicated to your best interests.

Put an end to your probate and estate issues. We help to skillfully pursue a settlement that is in your favor. Whether you’ve suffered damages from an administrator’s breach of fiduciary duty or facing a lawsuit that accuses you of wrongdoing, consult with a Commerce probate estate attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm for a free evaluation of your probate or estate dispute. Call us at 706-510-0000.