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Breach Of Contract In Georgia? You Need A Commerce Litigation Attorney.

Are you considering either pursuing or defending against a claim of breach of contract in Georgia? Retaining an experienced Commerce litigation attorney protects your interests by offering high-quality representation based on full knowledge of Georgia contract law.

Complex contract language can lead to disagreements. While it can be challenging to anticipate every potential turn of events, every effort should be made to avoid ambiguous language and/or conflicting terms. Nonperformance or incompetency issues may arise. Seeking relief in situations that involve such disputes requires knowledge and persuasive skills.

A Wilbanks Law Firm Commerce breach of contract lawyer has the experience and skill needed to successfully argue cases that are based on vague wording. We don’t let issues go and will argue forcefully to persuade the judge or jury to interpret language from a point of view favorable to you.

Ways A Commerce Contract Breach Lawyer Can Help In Georgia Contract Disputes

While your claim may seem cut and dried to you, presentation is key to winning arguments in a Georgia courtroom. A skilled Commerce contract litigation lawyer helps establish that there was a breach, that you were damaged by that breach, and that you are entitled to compensation for your damages. Very occasionally, relief may be sought through specific performance (requiring the breaching party to follow through on its contractual obligations). Only in cases where the breach was made with “Bad Faith” (intentional fraud) will punitive damages be awarded.

When harm is suffered by one or more parties bound to each other by contract, a Commerce commercial litigation lawyer will help you petition for a breach of contract remedy, either through the court, mediation or by rescission (contract cancellation). The complaint may include a claim for compensatory compensation for actual out-of-pocket losses, additional consequential damages resulting from the breach, such as loss of income, and/or predetermined damages as stipulated in the contract itself, as well as attorney fees and court costs.

A Wilbanks Law Firm Commerce contract breach lawyer draws on a solid background of experience that gives clients an edge in contract disputes. All cases are carefully evaluated and vigorously pursued.

Contact A Georgia Business Litigation Lawyer At Wilbanks Law Firm For High-Quality Representation

There are times when it is necessary to defend against an unfounded accusation of breach of contract. We draw on a solid team of experts to prove that the contract was unenforceable. This goal can be achieved by introducing evidence to prove that confusing language or failure to address all details created a situation in which there could be no meeting of the minds, plaintiff’s actions created the breach, or other defense that allows you to repudiate the complaint.

Contact a Georgia business litigation lawyer at Wilbanks Law Firm for a top-quality review of your evidence and what course of action will benefit you most. From negotiating settlements to courtroom litigation and defense, we are dedicated to giving you superior representation at all times.

Georgia contract disputes may involve multiple parties and complaints. Protect yourself with a Commerce business lawyer who has a history of successful settlement involving breach of contract claims. Call us today at 706-510-0000 or contact us online.