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How expensive is a traumatic brain injury?

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Motor vehicle wrecks

The violent impact of a car crash can easily lead to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) for the occupants – and that’s not something that victims can recover from on their own. Even if someone has just a mild concussion, they may need hospital care and plenty of rest at home to recover.

That can lead to a financial crisis for many people. They can include the ambulance, trauma care, hospital stay and rehab care.

What can the costs associated with a TBI include?

The reality is that most people simply don’t have the financial resources that are required to pay for the kind of care a traumatic brain injury requires. One study has estimated that the lifetime cost of a TBI ranges from between $85,000 (at the very low end) to $3 million. Further, that figure needs to be adjusted regularly for inflation.

While much of that cost is related to the immediate aftermath of an accident, that’s often not the end of it. It’s very hard to look into the future and understand what may come with a TBI. You need to consider any permanent consequences to the victim’s ability to earn a living as well as any necessary long-term therapy and support that they may need to even begin to calculate their true losses.

Unfortunately, most people don’t carry car insurance policies that will fully cover these kinds of losses. This is why it’s always wisest to explore all your legal options for financial recovery carefully. Experienced legal guidance may help you uncover sources of compensation that you haven’t yet considered.