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Where is the most dangerous place to be on a motorcycle?

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Motor vehicle wrecks

As a motorcyclist, you know that you face a bit of extra risk no matter where you ride. Those on bikes are often more likely to be seriously injured or killed in accidents, and accidents can happen anywhere. All you need is one other driver who makes a mistake. 

But are there any areas where you should be especially careful because the danger is excessively high? According to experts and those with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are two key things to be aware of. 

The majority of accidents happen on urban streets

Slightly more than half of all motorcycle wrecks (56%) take place on urban streets and roads in the city. This doesn’t mean there is no risk in rural areas, but the wide roads play in your favor. City streets are smaller and tightly packed together, and you have high traffic levels. All of this just makes a minor error more likely, and even a minor mistake — like a driver who backs out of the driveway too quickly — can cause a wreck. 

Most of these crashes are at intersections

The second thing to watch for is a wreck that happens at an intersection. You face more danger here because this is simply where most of those 56% of city crashes take place. Whether an intersection is light controlled or governed with signs, it increases the danger because a driver who doesn’t yield the right of way could cause massive injuries. 

Have you been hurt in a motorcycle wreck already?

If you have been involved in a serious crash, you need to know how to seek compensation for your medical bills and other costs. Fair compensation can help you recover your financial equilibrium following a wreck.