Does your insurance go up after a speeding ticket?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Traffic Ticket Defense |

If you get a speeding ticket and you’re thinking about fighting it, you want to consider the total impact of that ticket. For instance, some people just look at the cost of the ticket itself, decide it’s not worth going to court, and pay the ticket. But is that all that you have to pay? 

The reality may be that you need to pay for that ticket indefinitely in higher insurance costs. Say the ticket costs you $200, but your insurance goes up by $10 per month. That may not sound like much, but it takes less than two years for you to essentially pay that ticket twice. If the cost stays higher for decades, you’re paying it over and over again — all because of one traffic stop. 

How much will your auto insurance change after a ticket?

It’s impossible to tell exactly how much your unique insurance policy will change. It’s always different. That said, there are clear factors that impact the degree of change, such as:

  • How far over the speed limit you have been accused of driving: There’s a big difference between drifting to five-MPH over and speeding along at 40-MPH over.
  • If you have any other violations on your record: If this is the first one on a clean record, your insurance may not go up as much.
  • Where you live and where the car is insured: Car insurance, in general, is based on location and many other factors, not just your record.

As you can see, deciding to just accept a ticket can be costly. Remember to look into all of your legal options as you consider what you would like to do.