Lane drifting puts drivers and passengers at risk of injury

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Accident Injury |

Anyone who is on the road wants others to be just as cautious as they’re being. They want people to slow down, pay attention and stay in their lanes.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many drivers get distracted while behind the wheel. Their distractions may lead to lane drifting, which could lead to a side-swipe collision, rear-end crash or head-on crash. 

What is lane drifting, and why does it happen?

Lane drifting is an issue that occurs when a driver drifts partially or completely into another lane on a multilane road. This may mean that they cross into oncoming traffic or cut across traffic that is headed in the same direction.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety found that many of the people involved in lane-drift collisions had been ill with a medical emergency, asleep or intoxicated when they went out of their lanes. Around 34% of crashes caused by lane drifting were reportedly a result of incapacitation. Forty-two percent of those crashes resulted in serious or fatal injuries.

Does lane-keeping assist technology help?

It can. Some crash avoidance technology helps drivers stay in their lane by alerting them to drift. Others physically work to keep the vehicle within the lines on the roadway. Of course, there is no replacement for a driver who is paying attention. Even with lane departure warnings and other supports, crashes are still a risk.

If you are hit by someone who weaves out of their lane for any reason, it’s important that they are held responsible. Our website has more on what you can do to obtain the compensation you need for your injuries.