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Tips to stay safe on your motorcycle

by | Aug 30, 2020 | Accident Injury

There is a lot to be said for choosing a motorcycle over a car in the Commerce area. You could argue motorcycling should be encouraged over car driving for the benefits it brings to other road users.

Motorcycles take up less road space than cars, so they reduce congestion. They take up less parking spaces, leaving more spots for those who need them. They use less fuel and cause less air pollution due to their smaller engines. They also cause less damage to other people in the event of a crash.

Yet many people would never dream of getting on a motorcycle because if you ride one, you are more exposed to injury or death than if you are inside a car.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) examined the causes of motorcycle accidents in 2017. These are some recommendations for motorcyclists, based on their information:

  • Beware of other vehicles: Fifty-seven percent of accidents involved other vehicles, with 42% happening when a car or truck turned left across the motorcyclist.
  • Stick to safe speeds: Almost a third of riders who died were breaking the speed limit.
  • Stay sober: Twenty-eight percent of riders killed were over the limit. Another 7% had lower levels of alcohol.
  • Put a helmet on: While helmets cannot always prevent death in a crash, they can significantly increase the chance of surviving. The NHTSA found that 37% of people killed while not wearing a helmet would have survived if they were.

While bikers can do much to help themselves, they are still at the mercy of those in cars and trucks. Perhaps if more people in Commerce rode bikes, there would be a greater understanding of how drivers can avoid causing a motorcycle accident. If you have been knocked off your motorcycle by a negligent driver, seek legal help to claim compensation.