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What is litigation law and how does it affect you? What is litigation law? To put it simply, it’s the area of law that involves the courtroom. This isn’t the most accurate description, since many lawsuits never end up in court. However, it effectively conveys the idea that litigation is adversarial in nature, pitting one […]

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If you’ve had an idea taken from you, you may need to hire an attorney for intellectual property theft. Choosing an attorney well-versed in intellectual property is a critical decision when faced with the theft of an idea. There is often much at stake, both financially and emotionally. Finding the right attorney can help increase […]

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Can You Predict the Success of Personal Injury Cases?

May 7th, 2017 by Wilbanks Law Firm

Predicting the outcome of personal injury cases with any level of accuracy is very difficult. Many lawyers and their clients try to predict the success of personal injury cases, but it’s not easy. Even if it were easy, lawyers would be very hesitant to tell their clients what kind of success they can expect. This […]

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Business litigation attorneys should tailor their approach to each case based on its specific set of facts and client’s wishes. Not all cases are equal, and business litigation attorneys understand this. They know that a variety of factors can make significant differences in what a case’s result can be. The specific facts of the case […]

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