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Ever wonder what your residential real estate lawyer is thinking? Your residential real estate lawyer has a lot of knowledge and experience handling real estate matters – after all, that’s why you hired them. And while they appreciate your business, your lawyer probably wishes they could remind you of a few things. The following is […]

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What Is Commercial Litigation?

April 22nd, 2017 by Wilbanks Law Firm

Being able to answer the question “what is commercial litigation” is important, especially for business owners. What is commercial litigation? The basic answer is pretty straightforward: it’s a lawsuit that involves business issues. As you might imagine, commercial litigation can cover a lot of different legal issues, so we’ll try to provide a brief overview […]

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Your patent infringement attorney constitutes a significant aspect of your lawsuit. The attorney can make or break your case. Finding the right patent infringement attorney is vital. It’s your attorney who will figure out how to pursue your legal objectives. There most likely won’t be many variations in what your ultimate legal goal is, but […]

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Your business litigation session with your attorney will set out how your business lawsuit should proceed. Deciding to begin business litigation is a significant decision that usually starts with a business litigation session. And during your lawsuit, additional sessions are bound to occur. We’ll discuss what you can expect from the initial business litigation meeting […]

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