Construction dispute lawyers are often necessary when construction projects don’t go as planned.

As their name implies, construction dispute lawyers handle legal disputes that arise out of a construction project. These can range from disagreements about contracts to dealing with the legal consequences when someone gets hurt to insurance coverage disputes. If you have a legal issue that comes up in the construction industry, the chances are good that a construction dispute lawyer will be able to help you.

Breach of Contract

This is probably the biggest source of construction disputes that construction lawyers face. The breach of contract can deal with a variety of issues, such as construction delays, refusal to pay and quality of work issues. Often, these issues will exist at the same time.

For example, if project completion runs far longer than expected, the property owner may claim a breach of contract and refuse to pay the contractor or argue that they should have to pay less because of the delay. Here we have a property owner who is refusing to pay, while we also have a contractor who has allegedly completed a project well past the deadline.

In these types of disputes, litigation will often result, especially if a large amount of money is at stake. When these cases are in litigation, each side will make its arguments as to why their alleged breach of contract isn’t really a breach or is legally justified. To make these legal arguments in court, you’ll need an experienced construction attorney to help you.

Construction Dispute Lawyers Can Help with Insurance Companies

Coverage disputes with an insurance company are also a common source of litigation. During a typical construction project, an insurance company will insure almost everything: construction delays, theft of building materials, injuries to workers or bystanders, damage to the building and so on. When something goes wrong, a construction company, property owner or subcontractor will claim their insurance company can pay for it. But insurance companies aren’t in the business of paying every single claim, so they inevitably deny one. And depending on the insurance company, a claim is sometimes improperly denied.

When an insurance company fails to pay for a claim, resolution of the disagreement might be possible without resorting to legal action, but often this isn’t the case. In the situations where the insurance company refuses to pay, the policyholder will have to sue to get what they deserve under the insurance policy.

Licenses and Permits

The government imposes heavy regulations on the construction industry. To perform certain work at a specific location, a license or permit may be necessary. Most of the time, as long as the filing of the application or request was proper, obtaining a license or permit is relatively easy and the work can begin as anticipated. But on occasion, the license or permit approval gets delayed, so construction cannot begin as originally planned. This can cause delays, which is an always hated potential issue in any construction project.

When it takes a long time to grant a particular license or permit, a knowledgeable attorney can help identify what’s causing the delay and move approvals along more quickly.

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