Top Intellectual Property Law Firms

Top intellectual property law firms have the lowdown on your creation.

Wish you could pick the brains of the lawyers at top intellectual property law firms? Now’s your chance! We’ve put together some of the most important information you need regarding your intellectual work. Here’s what the top law firms want you to know about what you’ve created.

Defining Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is an intangible property that includes copyrightable inventions, discoveries, and ideas that federal and state law protects. They include patents, trademarks, copyrights, creative work, technology, symbols, names, images, and any other work created by using one’s intellect. If you created it, you own the rights to it. Intellectual property law is the branch of the legal system that works to help you do just that.

Why Is Intellectual Property Law Important to Your Business?

What’s your most valuable asset as a business? It’s your ideas, your developments, the things you design and create and build. You need to protect your intellectual property. In today’s global marketplace it’s more important than ever. If you lose control of your ideas and what you create, it can spell the end of your business. You need lawyers who have experience in protecting that ownership. Having them on your team is critical to your longevity and success.

Why Is Intellectual Property Law Growing?

Why is intellectual property law growing? Two words – the internet. The growth of the internet has spurred an increase in intellectual property theft, fraud, and piracy. Companies put their products and services out there to market themselves and promote their business, which is a huge benefit of the internet, but it leaves them vulnerable at the same time.

In addition to your image, branding, products, processes, and company information being available for theft and piracy, the internet exposes your content and your electronic rights as well. Intellectual property law is growing right along with the threat to its protection, and you need to make sure you take advantage of that legal support for your business.

What Can an Intellectual Property Lawyer Do for You?

Protecting what you’ve created should be your top priority. Lawyers who have the necessary experience in this field will work to ensure you have legal protection. This includes licensing inventions, applying for patents, trademark registration, and copyright registration. And they go far beyond that. Your lawyer will help protect you if and when someone infringes on your rights. If someone steals or misuses your innovations, they will represent you in a lawsuit to make it right.

You have built your business on your ideas, your innovations, and what you’ve created. This is your intellectual property and protecting it should be your top priority. Any lawyer will tell you, your ideas are your most valuable asset. Find out what you need to know about top intellectual property law firms and how they can protect your business by clicking or calling the Wilbanks Law Firm, P.C. at [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-2″].

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