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Ask yourself, “What is litigation law and how does it impact my business?” before you need their help.

What is litigation law? When is it necessary? How can you use it to your advantage? As a business owner, chances are high that you will eventually face legal matters, and the ways you handle them can make all the difference. When the time comes that you need help with business litigation, it’s important to have a qualified team of legal professionals to guide you through the sometimes murky waters of court.

Legitimate Reasons for Business Litigation

Customers and clients sue businesses all the time, but when they do this without reason it can cost them in the state of Georgia. In fact, frivolous lawsuits are on the decline due to laws providing for malicious prosecution claims. Having appropriate counsel will protect your company if someone files suit with the worst intentions.

Although lawsuits may be on the decline, business owners still regularly wind up in court. People sue businesses for all kinds of legitimate reasons, including:

  • Contract and employment disputes
  • Personal injury or malpractice
  • Misrepresentation

You don’t have to be guilty of scamming someone or putting a client at risk in order to wind up in court. In most cases, the plaintiff believes they’re filing against you in good faith. While they might not be after a big payoff or out to destroy your reputation, without adequate representation those things easily happen. You need a legal team capable of minimizing those risks.

Benefits of a Dedicated Business Litigation Team

Too many businesses brush off claims they find frivolous only to discover the court disagrees. Remember, cases often come down to the details. You wouldn’t think someone would need a warning against swallowing cell phones, for instance, but Apple paid a tidy sum to a consumer who nearly died after pulling the stunt. Now the iPhone policy guide specifically mentions “not intended for consumption.”

A litigation team ensures you won’t miss those specifics when you’re in court. More importantly, they can help negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf if you are in the wrong. The right legal methods can limit the exposure your company suffers in and out of the courtroom, protecting your reputation and future earnings.

The biggest benefit, of course, is when your litigation team handles matters while rebuilding your business relationships. There will be times you have disagreements with trusted partnerships. A skilled legal team will iron out the discrepancies and correct misunderstandings without their clients becoming enemies.

When You’re the Victim of Malicious Prosecution

In Georgia, malicious prosecution claims protect businesses and individuals from two specific scenarios. The first is clear. Someone with nasty intentions sues you and you win. This isn’t someone who wants to recover their investment in a failed business or payment for their pain and suffering. It’s someone who is filing a suit when they know they shouldn’t.

Interestingly, a lawsuit can start out legitimate and become malicious over time. For instance, if a plaintiff learns they don’t have a case and continues anyway as a means of a harassment. In these situations, a qualified business litigation team is essential to getting out of court with your assets intact.

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