Your business litigation session with your attorney will set out how your business lawsuit should proceed.

Deciding to begin business litigation is a significant decision that usually starts with a business litigation session. And during your lawsuit, additional sessions are bound to occur. We’ll discuss what you can expect from the initial business litigation meeting with your attorney.

The Purpose of the Initial Business Litigation Meeting

If you’re scheduled to have a business litigation meeting with your attorney, it’s probably because you’re considering whether to start a business lawsuit or you are already in the midst of one.

If you’re thinking about starting a lawsuit, the initial business litigation session will involve meeting with your attorney to discuss the reasons for the lawsuit, whether it’s worth the court battle and if you do decide to sue, how you should go about doing it. If you’re already involved in a lawsuit, you’ll meet with your attorney to discuss how to proceed from that point on.

The Initial Business Litigation Session When You’re Thinking about a Lawsuit

Before this initial consultation, you’ve probably already gone over the reason you’re considering a lawsuit. However, it’s this meeting where you and your attorney will go into detail as to exactly what your objectives are and how to achieve them. However, before you get to too far in your business litigation strategy, your attorney should discuss whether it’s even worth suing. For example, it might cost you more in time and money to sue than what you may potentially recover. Or, if you sue, you might be counter-sued. Your attorney will address the possibilities and whether you’re ready and willing to take them on.

Assuming you want to proceed with suing, your attorney will explain what causes of action and legal arguments you should make to win your case. Sometimes the legal theories you will rely on are rather obvious. Other times they’re not so straightforward. Your attorney will explain how they work and what they will involve. During this initial meeting, you’ll likely answer a lot of questions and provide documents and other evidence for your attorney to examine.

The Initial Business Litigation Session When You’re Already in a Lawsuit

Depending on the stage of litigation your case is already in, or the reasons for bringing in your attorney, your initial consultation can cover any number of topics and issues. Most likely, your attorney will ask you a lot of questions to get a grasp of what’s going on and figure out what happens next. Your attorney will almost certainly need to see all the documents and information from the lawsuit, such as pleadings and any discovery that may have already changed hands.

From there, your attorney will explain what your best options are, such as settling or continuing the case and mounting your defense. If you end up defending your case, your attorney will set out the legal defenses available and what you’ll need to do to present those arguments most effectively.

Other Topics Addressed During an Initial Consultation

If not already discussed ahead of time, your initial business litigation meeting may cover some administrative issues. These topics can include calculation of fees, how billing works, the best ways to contact your attorney and related matters.

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