Judgment Collection Services in Jackson CountyJudgment Collection Services in Jackson County

Do you need judgment collection services in Jackson County? Discover the reasons for these services and the benefits of having an experienced attorney’s help.

Judgment collection services in Jackson County help you collect on debts a court of law has assigned to you. Winning a small claims case isn’t enough to put money in the bank. You need a strategy to make sure you get paid what the court has stated you should receive.

Consider the three most popular reasons people hire a collection service:

  1. Wage Garnishment
  2. Property Liens
  3. Payment Plans

Winning a judgment against someone who owes you money doesn’t offer immediate relief, and it doesn’t mean you’ll know how to get your money back any faster. Hiring a firm to handle this work puts you back in control of your finances with the least stress possible.

Let’s take a closer look at how collection services can help in three different ways:

1: Wage Garnishment

Once you have a judgment against someone who owes you money, you’re able to go through official channels to receive the payment. By filing the paperwork necessary to secure wage garnishment, you’ll receive a portion of the debtor’s paycheck. Each state has its own laws regarding the amount of someone’s pay you are allowed to take to satisfy debts.

Child support, tax arrears and other judgments apply to this amount, so depending on the financial situation of the person who owes you money, you might not receive very much. However, it is one of the first possibilities to consider as the payments come on a regular basis whether the debtor wants to make them or not.

In some states, employers can fire people who have multiple garnishments because they represent an unfair burden on payroll staff. It might also cast doubt on the employee’s reputation, interfering with raises and promotions, and ultimately, your ability to get the money the person owes you. Working with a collection service will help you to determine the best course of action.

2: Property Liens

In Jackson County, GA, you can use your judgment to establish a lien against a debtor’s property. In certain cases, you can force the sale of the property by filing to execute the lien. In other situations, you will have to wait until the property is resold, but eventually, the debtor will pay in order to transfer the real estate title to someone else. This can be a long game, but if someone is having widespread money problems, it can also mean a home sale or foreclosure is on the horizon.

3: Payment Plans

Chances are, the person who owes you money isn’t able to pay in one simple lump sum. They might need more affordable options. Accepting partial payments can introduce legal gray areas. A professional service will give your debtor the options they need without putting your judgment at risk.

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