A real estate law attorney can be very helpful by changing the direction of your case for the better.

If you’re in the middle of a real estate case or about to start one, you probably have a real estate law attorney. You want to resolve the situation as soon as possible. After all, lawsuits are about as much fun as root canals. Below are some of the ways finding the right real estate attorney may make a huge difference in your case, allowing you to finish it quicker, avoid it or make it more likely you will have the positive outcome you want.

Successfully Negotiate a Settlement

Settling a case before trial is usually in the best interests of everyone. But convincing the other side to settle a case is as much of an art as it is a skill. It also takes patience and an open mind. If you have the wrong attorney, you might have a case that can settle for terms you’re happy with, but not know it. Your attorney may not recognize this because you may not even know you would be willing to settle the case if certain conditions exist. A qualified attorney can figure out how a settlement is possible through discussions with you, as well as talks with opposing counsel.

If an attorney is rude or unprofessional to opposing counsel, it can make settlement much more difficult. Even though the attorney won’t communicate directly with the opposing counsel’s client, the other client will know if your attorney is rude or unprofessional. And when your attorney proposes an otherwise reasonable settlement offer, it’s possible the other side rejects it, purely out of principle.

Find the Winning Argument

Television and movies sometimes exaggerate the “ah ha” moments in a lawsuit, but they’re actually quite common. Winning a lawsuit depends on making persuasive arguments to opposing counsel, the judge and the jury. But winning also depends on identifying the right legal arguments.

One of the most important services an attorney provides is spotting legal issues that the client didn’t notice. This also applies to legal arguments. For example, maybe you want to sue your neighbor for trespassing, and you find an attorney to help you with a lawsuit based on this legal theory. The right attorney will look to see if there are any other legal arguments you can make based on the facts of your case.

An experienced attorney will do some research and make sure there isn’t any other legal cause of action you can argue against your neighbor. Maybe there’s a local ordinance your neighbor is violating in addition to committing trespass against you. This can increase the value of any judgment you receive and may pressure the other side into settling on more favorable terms for you.

Avoiding a Lawsuit

If litigation hasn’t yet started, the right attorney may be able to help avoid one altogether. A qualified attorney takes the facts of your case and sees if there’s anything you can do to make the other side back down. This may not always be possible, but if it is, going from a day in court to a quick and easy resolution is the perfect way to change the direction of your case.

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