judgment collection services in Jackson, GA

Can You Use Judgment Collection Services in Jackson, GA?

Are you taking advantage of judgment collection services in Jackson, GA? Winning your lawsuit can mean you get a judgment ruling. A judgment ruling says you can collect money owed to you as decreed by the court. The question is, can you collect on that judgment? A ruling by a judge does not automatically guarantee you will get paid all the money the judge said you should get. The ruling is a court order that states the debtor owes that amount of money to you. In reality, it’s not always easy to collect. That’s where a judgment collection service comes in. Here are some ways they can help.

Ask for the Money

It’s possible the debtor will just pay the court judgment. A business-like request for payment might be all the motivation the debtor needs. It’s a reminder that an unpaid judgment shows up on credit reports and will damage their credit score. If the debtor fights you and drags their feet, collection services can assist you with the process of fighting for your right and your owed money.

Garnish Their Wages

The court can order garnishment against any individual named in the judgment if payment of the judgment isn’t received. Their employer holds back a portion of their wages. They submit that money to the court for disbursement to you.

File for Lien Rights

In some cases, a judgment debtor will do everything they can to prevent you from accessing their paycheck or assets. You can protect your right to seek payment by getting a lien right as soon as possible.

Find Their Assets

A debtor who is fighting the judgment is also going to fight to keep their assets hidden from you. However, you can take steps to find it. The court can demand the debtor diverge under oath the type, amount, and location of assets that the collection services can help you seize. You can start with easy-access assets. Wages, bank accounts, and money their business brings in are easy to find and seize. However, trying to force them to sell their home, car, business, or personal assets will be a complicated and expensive process.

Consider a Bank Levy

A bank levy is a way to seize money from the debtor’s bank accounts. The trick is that the accounts must have the funds available when you file the levy. If they don’t, the process will have to start all over when funds are available. Some funds are exempt from collection, but your attorney can help you find the money.

Ask for Help

If you are struggling to get the money owed to you, invest in some professional assistance. Many litigation attorneys offer judgment collection services. They know the laws surrounding collection and the right strategies to getting you your money. Schedule your complimentary consultation with the Wilbanks Law Firm, P.C. to find out more about judgment collection services in Jackson, GA, by calling [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-2″].

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