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The following signs might indicate that you need to call a property law firm.

If you have a legal question or issue that relates to real property, you probably need to contact a property law firm. But how do you know if it’s worth making the call or hiring a real estate attorney? Let’s try to answer that question.

The Legal Dispute Involves Real Property

This sounds pretty obvious, but other areas of the law, such as business law, involve legal concepts that overlap with real property. For example, contracts are the heart of landlord-tenant law and business law. But if someone has a contract dispute involving a piece of land, an attorney that works on property law issues may be better suited to handle the case instead of a business law attorney.

This isn’t to say that a business law attorney or an attorney who works on landlord-tenant issues can’t handle this type of case, but the client is likely going to receive the best legal representation possible from an attorney who focuses on real property legal issues.

The Other Side Isn’t Willing to Talk

Resolving a legal dispute about land should theoretically receive a resolution by just discussing the disagreement among the parties. Sounds great in theory, but real estate law is unique in that legal disputes involving land can result in outraged individuals. Sometimes people get so mad and annoyed they want to ignore the other side.

If this happens, the other side may have no choice but to hire an attorney. Getting a letter from an attorney might motivate the angry party into action. Sometimes it will take more than a letter, such as receiving notification about the beginning of a lawsuit.

There’s a Lot of Money at Stake

Litigation is expensive, especially when it gets personal, as is sometimes the case with real estate litigation. With so much money on the line, it’s important to present the strongest legal arguments possible. To do this, hiring a real estate attorney is necessary. Even if there isn’t a legal dispute, with each side getting along just fine, a large and important legal transaction needs to go through correctly. The last thing anyone wants is someone to forget about some potential occurrence that could leave one side in an awful position.

For example, in the sale of a piece of land and a dwelling, what happens after the parties agree on a price and to go forward with the sale, but before everything can finish, a storm or fire destroys the dwelling? Who bears the risk of this damage? Without legal representation, it’s easy to gloss over this possible event and what was once a pleasant real estate deal can quickly become nasty.

A call to a property law firm is beneficial because it helps identify potential problems and addresses them before they lead to litigation and upset parties.

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