Judgment Collection Services in Braselton

Here are signs you’ll need judgment collection services in Braselton sooner than later.

Judgment collection services in Braselton help you get paid once you win a lawsuit. It would be great if the court would just liquidate the defendant’s assets and transfer the funds to your bank account. Reality doesn’t work that way. Winning a suit simply clarifies whether you are legally owed the money and gives you more remedies to collect on the debt.

The Benefits of Using a Legal Collection Service

More often than not, the plaintiff and defendant in a court case aren’t getting along very well. If they were, they wouldn’t need a judge to work their issues out. The bad vibes don’t go away just because there’s been a legal decision. Communicating over the judgment can be very uncomfortable.

Judgment collection agencies take over awkward, potentially dangerous confrontations and turn them into simple business transactions. Working with a neutral third-party can make things best for everyone involved in a lawsuit. They can also present more options for payment, making it easier for the debtor to pay the debt.

Unfortunately, some people will refuse to pay no matter what the court says. Those situations are the ones in which collection firms really shine. They know the legal ins-and-outs for accessing payment methods individuals don’t automatically have.

For example, a firm can help you:

  • Garnish a debtor’s wages
  • File a property lien
  • Keep judgments active

Garnishing wages is one of the easiest ways to receive payment, as you receive a little of your judgment each time your debtor earns a paycheck. The only downside to this method is time. States limit the amount courts can garnish from wages. This can stretch the repayment out over many years, especially if there are multiple judgments competing for repayment.

Liens are another attractive method for repayment. The court attaches the debts to real property the debtor owns and collects the funds when the debtor sells or transfers ownership to someone else. Unfortunately, you could wait a long time for a sale.

In both cases, you run the risk of your judgment expiring before the bill is fully paid. Prevent it from happening by using a team with the legal know-how to keep your judgment active. There are several methods for renewing or reviving old debts which will allow you to continue to collect.

When Judgment Collection Is Unnecessary

Sometimes, the point of suing someone has to do with far more than money. You want vindication. You want the court to say you were right and someone else was wrong. The financial rewards of those cases pale in comparison to the emotional win. Collecting can seem unnecessary in those situations, but it might not take much effort or expense to receive the money you’re due. It wouldn’t take long to find out either.

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