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Don’t let myths about business law attorneys hold you back from getting the legal help you need. It’s time to debunk the myths!

If think you may need to look into hiring business law attorneys but feel reluctant because of some of the negative information you’ve heard about them, keep reading for the facts. Sure, there may be some stories out there about attorneys who haven’t always been as professional and honest as possible, but isn’t that true for any industry? That doesn’t mean you can’t find a qualified attorney who values integrity and professionalism and will get the job done for you and your business.

Let’s put your mind at ease by debunking three common urban myths about business law attorneys.

Myth #1: Attorneys Are without Morals

It’s a common characterization of business law attorneys to present them as being shifty, dishonest and willing to do just about anything to succeed and make a buck. Let’s call it what it is: an unfair stereotype. Many attorneys are in the field of law because they love the law and the legal system and want to help others. It’s important not to let movies and fiction create a narrative that simply isn’t true across the board.

The number of attorneys who choose to uphold firm moral values and ethics far outweighs the number of attorneys who have bad intentions and loose morals. You always have the freedom to choose the right attorney for you. You’ll typically be able to determine from one consultation with an attorney if they have the type of character and professionalism you value.

Myth #2: Attorneys Are Rich and Will Do Anything to Get Richer

Somehow—whether it be because of films and media or a few bad news stories—attorneys have developed a reputation for being incredibly wealthy and willing to do whatever it takes to get as rich as possible. If you know any business law attorneys in real life, you will know this simply is not true.

It’s only a minute percentage of attorneys who are considered wealthy—these are typically the lawyers who work for giant corporations or celebrity clients. Attorneys’ salaries vary greatly with some making no more than the regular businessman across the street. When you consider the cost of law school and the enormous student loan debt many attorneys face, you will quickly see most aren’t in it to get rich.

Myth #3: Attorneys Are Cold-Hearted and Don’t Care About Clients

Here’s the thing, your business law attorney’s primary responsibility is to protect your company’s interests and build and defend a case when necessary. They aren’t skilled in therapeutic techniques, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care. They are working hard to represent your business to the best of their abilities. While their focus and drive may sometimes be seen as inconsiderate, they are simply trying to do their jobs. Of course, it will be important for you to have a good rapport with any attorney you hire to represent your business. You’ll be able to tell right away during your consultation if the attorney is someone you like and want to take on your case.

Now that we’ve debunked some urban myths, are you ready to get qualified legal help for your business? Click to learn more about business law attorneys by contacting the Wilbanks Law Firm, P.C. online.

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