complex business litigation

What drives complex business litigation? Find out so you can avoid it!

Complex business litigation is a lot like regular business litigation — only it costs a lot more! Complexity drives more motions for discovery, more people to interview, more paperwork to review, and it all boils down to more time and more dollars. That’s not the only thing most complex business cases have in common, and paying attention to those similarities is sometimes the key to making everything much simpler.

These three factors turn “simple” business matters into the most complex cases on the docket:

1. Big Emotions

Whenever litigation is emotional, courtrooms get ugly. People get offended, they’re angry and their hurt feelings on all sides. More importantly, litigants don’t trust one another, so it’s easy to start looking for problems that don’t really exist.

All one needs to do is look to YouTube for a prime example. In 2015, performer Brittany Sheets sued former partner, Corey Mixter and newcomer Moriah Pereira for recreating her online personality Mars Argo as Pereira’s character Poppy.

The foundations for the suit started years earlier and alleges domestic violence on behalf of Mixter, which eventually forced her into hiding. Sheets claims months later, Poppy was appearing in Pereira’s videos, mimicking the voice, actions, hair color and sporting other similarities to Mars Argo.

That’s a lot of trauma for one case to unpack. Especially considering the YouTube campaign Mixter and Pereira waged against Sheets, who was no longer part of the online community.

These are situations in which the wrong legal advice can fill clients’ heads with unreasonable doubts and worries. It’s always a good idea to choose experienced attorneys who are committed to serving your best interests. Choose well and then listen to their advice!

The YouTube trio did just that by settling in September 2018 for an unclosed amount.

2. Big Bank Accounts

Sometimes businesses go to battle simply to show the competition who’s boss. Remember when Apple and Samsung dished it out in court? Despite a $1 billion victory in 2012, the slew of infringement complaints the giants hurled at one another hasn’t quite played itself out.

Big businesses have the funds to bankroll a ridiculous number of actions in court. Just when you think you’ve finally moved on and are ready for a decision, they drag you back in to handle some random – and often inconsequential – matter.

That isn’t to say wealthy parties never have a real reason to go to war, but even legitimate disputes between behemoths can get lost once egos get involved. You need a legal team capable of keeping your case on track.

3. Big Considerations

Complexity doesn’t always come from attempts to make trouble. Some cases start out complicated based on the number or location of the litigants involved. For instance, the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement involved four major tobacco companies and the attorney generals from nearly every state in the U.S. Big tobacco eventually settled to the tune of $206 billion.

You can’t always curb your expenses when it comes to working out business disputes. The important thing is to have someone in your corner who knows how to make the most of your expenses.

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