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Well-respected and known as a skilled Georgia criminal defense lawyer, Dylan Wilbanks draws on his past experience at the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office to deliver powerful and knowledgeable legal representation for clients facing misdemeanor charges. Specializing in criminal defense, personal injury and other disputes, he is a proven and well regarded Commerce criminal litigation lawyer. His close ties with local organizations such as the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce, Commerce Area Business Association, and the Commerce Kiwanis Club give him an insider’s perspective on community issues and concerns and his active participation in the Lindsay’s Legacy Mentoring Program has taught him how to work with minors, which gives him a unique edge for underage representation.

Georgia Criminal Litigation Lawyers Known For Bringing Cases To Successful Resolution

The legal team at Wilbanks Law Firm is known for its talent for bringing cases to a successful conclusion. We don’t ignore your needs and concerns and will professionally oversee your case. Our top-notch investigators know how to find the proof that you need to successfully challenge evidence during the discovery process.

While most misdemeanor cases are settled out of court, we are not afraid to represent clients involved in difficult cases in state court when necessary. Challenging cases don’t bother us. Well known for our skillful courtroom representation, we are at your side, drafting, litigating and defending complaints, whether you are in the beginning stages of preliminary hearing and indictment, about to go to trial, or arguing your case in appellate court.

Get In Touch With A Commerce Defense Lawyer

A Wilbanks Law Firm misdemeanor defense lawyer’s job is to secure the least punishing decision in your favor.

Even if you are guilty, we can oftentimes find mitigating factors that lead to a “not guilty” verdict. We do that by forcing the state to prove their charges beyond a shadow of doubt. Protecting your rights is important to us because we know that no one else will be on your side the way that we can.

Hiring a Wilbanks Law Firm Georgia trial lawyer is a wise decision. Even when you are the at-fault party, you still deserve fair treatment. We can help you to get a fresh start. Misdemeanor crimes can carry convictions as high as 12 months in prison. In addition to fines, restitution and community service, a conviction can have repercussions for those seeking certain types of employment or schooling as well as damaging reputations and ruining personal relationships.

If you’re facing misdemeanor charges in Georgia, get in touch with a Commerce defense lawyer at Wilbanks Law Firm who will work hard to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. We can also help with reversing wrongful convictions. Call us at 706-510-0000.