DUI Questions? Ask A Commerce DUI Defense Lawyer.

Do you have questions concerning a Georgia DUI arrest? An experienced Commerce DUI defense lawyer knows how to address those concerns and offers guidance throughout the entire process. Defense lawyer Dylan E. Wilbanks aggressively represents those charged with Georgia DUI offenses, conducting thorough investigations and challenging evidence.

Can I Refuse A Breath Test?

Georgia law automatically assumes implied consent for DUI testing, which means that when you applied for a Georgia driver’s license, you agreed to abide by the rules, which include law enforcement’s right to conduct blood, urine or breath tests to determine alcohol levels. You do have the right to refuse any chemical tests, however, the penalty for doing so is high.

What Happens If I Refuse DUI Testing?

Besides possible jail time and substantial fines, you will lose your license and it will be replaced with a temporary 30-day driving permit, during which time you may contest the charges. If you fail to request a hearing or lose your case, your license will be suspended for one year.

Is It Wiser To Refuse The Test?

No. Penalties for refusing to test for blood alcohol levels are generally less severe than a DUI conviction, but it does not prevent you from being charged with DUI and may work against you since most prosecutors argue that your refusal is an admission of guilt in itself, leaving you with not one conviction, but two: the DUI itself and the test refusal.

How Will An Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me With My DUI Defense?

Atlanta criminal defense attorney Dylan E. Wilbanks understands his clients’ concern when facing a DUI conviction. A criminal record may lead to lifelong consequences, such as disqualification for certain education opportunities and/or employment.

Your Wilbanks Law Firm Atlanta DUI defense attorney answers all questions in an understandable and straightforward manner and assists clients with obtaining jail bonds. He and his legal team carefully evaluate police arrest reports, unearthing evidence that challenges video “proof.” Our independent investigative experts look at the constitutionality of your arrest, check the calibration of breathalyzer machines as well as the validity of field sobriety testing. They also assist with preparation for court trial.

How Can I Get My License Reinstated After A DUI Arrest?

There are several steps you can take thirty days after the suspension begins. Paying all fees and fines, enrolling in a drug and alcohol risk reduction program, community service and completion of all requirements is a must.

Ready To Fight Your DUI Charges? Consult An Experienced Atlanta DUI Attorney.

Consult with an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney for help defending your rights and protecting your reputation. Wilbanks Law Firm Georgia attorney Dylan E. Wilbanks is dedicated to providing clients with strong representation, focusing on mitigating charges or dismissal of charges. To avoid saying something that may work against their interests, clients should not speak with law enforcement investigators until they’ve consulted with an experienced Commerce criminal defense attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm. Call us at 706-510-0000 or contact us online.