DUI Lawsuit Questions? Ask A Commerce DUI Litigation Lawyer.

A Georgia DUI arrest creates a lot of confusion for the average person. If you have questions, an experienced Commerce DUI litigation lawyer can help with answers and guidance throughout the entire process.

Whether our clients are seeking settlement for damages suffered from an accident involving a drunk driver or challenging the evidence in a DUI arrest, our lawyer has honed his practice to fine tune each case according to the particular circumstances involved. Our attorney’s years of experience have developed a full understanding of exactly what evidence is needed to challenge the other side’s claim.

How Will An Atlanta Criminal Litigation Attorney Help Me With My DUI Defense Or DUI Injury Claim?

The Atlanta criminal litigation attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm understands the confusion, fear, and stress when facing a DUI conviction. The concern is valid. A criminal record can have lifelong consequences, including disqualification for certain employment opportunities and/or schooling. Atlanta DUI defense attorney Dylan E. Wilbanks assists clients with obtaining jail bonds, as well as license reinstatement, when possible. Two decades of experience have taught him how to evaluate police arrest reports and challenge video evidence. A well-established team of independent investigative experts is on hand to offer key points in your defense, such as challenges to the calibration of breathalyzer machines as well as standardized field sobriety testing.

Are you seeking representation for a DUI injury? A Wilbanks Law Firm DUI injury lawyer will fight for your rights and seek the highest possible settlement possible, based on the facts in your case. Experienced at winnowing out eyewitness inconsistencies, our accident reconstruction experts can oftentimes prove what others cannot.

Ready To Fight Your DUI Charges? Consult An Experienced Atlanta DUI Attorney.

Ready to fight DUI Charges? First and foremost, consult with an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney for help defending your rights and salvaging your reputation. Conviction for first time driving under the influence offense includes a minimum of 24 hours in jail, probation (one year for first time offenders, increasing with subsequent arrests), community service, fines ranging from $300 to $1,000, mandatory evaluations, testing, and program completion, and a 12 month license suspension. Punishments and fines increase with second, third or more arrests.

Wilbanks Law Firm Georgia attorney Dylan E. Wilbanks is dedicated to protecting client rights, whether it is litigating for injury damages, mitigating charges or, when appropriate, outright dismissal of charges. We urge potential clients to refrain from speaking with law enforcement investigators until they’ve consulted with an experienced Commerce criminal defense attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm. Call us at 706-510-0000 or contact us online.