Busted? Need A Top Georgia Drug Crimes Litigation Lawyer?

A Georgia drug crime conviction carries lifetime consequences that can include loss of licenses (drivers, professional, etc.), employment termination, disqualification from certain types of schooling, family stress, incarceration, hefty fines, and other punishments. If guns or other firearms are involved, additional charges may apply. It’s important to retain a Georgia drug crimes litigation lawyer with a strong background in drug crimes defense.

  • Cocaine possession
  • Controlled substances
  • Crack sales
  • Drug trafficking
  • Ecstasy distribution
  • Heroin sales
  • Lortab
  • Manufacture of drugs
  • Marijuana possession/growing/cultivation/distribution
  • Methamphetamine manufacture/possession/sales
  • Narcotic possession/sales/distribution
  • Oxycodone use/sales/theft/fraud
  • Possession of Illegal drugs (street or prescription)
  • Possession with Intent to sell/distribute
  • Smuggling (including international)
  • Xanax

Not all drug charges are fair and a Wilbanks Law Firm criminal defense lawyer focuses on dismissal or reduction in charges by negotiating for alternative treatment, thereby mitigating the impact of mandatory sentences.

A Georgia Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer Who Knows How To Win Cases

We investigate all evidence, including how it was obtained, and know what steps to take to expunge your criminal record. A Wilbanks Law Firm drug crimes defense lawyer knows how to win cases and our solid record of settlements that favor our client proves that we can litigate or defend your case leaving no stone unturned. If it can be done, a Wilbanks drug defense attorney will find the opening.

Protect Your Rights By Retaining A Commerce Defense Lawyer

Punishments can range from lengthy jail sentences to community service to probation and/or fines. If you are accused of a State or Federal drug crime, you want a lawyer who knows how to get a case dismissed or charges reduced. A metro Atlanta criminal defense attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm, P.C., aggressively yet professionally presents your case in the best possible light, using arguments based on age, previous record, and lack of violence.

Don’t try to work this out yourself. Talking to the prosecutor can relinquish your rights before your case is even filed. Protect your rights by retaining a Wilbanks Law Firm Commerce defense lawyer who has your interests at heart. We are there for you, from initial arrest and arraignment through trial and sentencing and appeal, if necessary, advising you of your options and possible consequences. We aggressively investigate every charge and defend your rights by calling attention to overlooked or ignored details that cast doubt on your guilt. Call us at 706-510-0000 or contact us online.