A Qualified And Skilled Commerce Criminal Litigation Lawyer

Accused of a crime in Georgia? Whether guilty or innocent, you need a Georgia criminal defense trial lawyer to protect your rights and ensure that every effort is made to either get the charges dropped or punishment is minimized. Since reputations can be ruined, families pulled apart, and your life in general inconvenienced, having seasoned and successful counsel at your side reduces the stress on your personal life. Conviction will have long-term implications and may even disqualify eligibility for schooling and/or job position.

A Commerce criminal litigation lawyer at Wilbanks Law Firm is qualified and skilled at defending clients in local, state and federal courts on felony and misdemeanor charges for:

A Commerce Defense Lawyer Who Delivers Results

Choose a Commerce defense lawyer who can deliver results. A Wilbanks Law Firm criminal litigation attorney is dedicated to defending the rights of those accused of a criminal act in Georgia. We challenge the validity of evidence and how it was obtained, evaluate police arrest reports, review video evidence, reinterview witnesses and offer other possible defenses.

Do you want to fight your DUI Charges? We encourage you to seek counsel from an experienced metro Atlanta DUI attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm. Depending on the number of prior arrests, we may be able to mitigate your punishment. Sometimes extra charges get tacked on. Criminal defense attorney Dylan Wilbanks is a skilled negotiator intent on getting as many charges dismissed or knocked down as possible.

The first time driving under the influence offense includes at least 24 hours in jail, probation up to one year, community service, fines, drug or alcohol assessment/program completion, and a one year license suspension. Additional arrests lead to greater punishment, so it’s important to seek help from an established Georgia impaired driving attorney who knows how to petition for alternative programs that satisfy your wrongdoing without ruining your life.

Get In Touch With A Commerce Criminal Trial Attorney

The Georgia litigation attorneys at Wilbanks Law Firm understand your stress, confusion and fear when facing charges of criminal wrongdoing. From initial arrest to arranging jail bond to vigorous defense of charges and dismissal or acquittal, we are there for you. If your wrongdoing cannot be denied, we can oftentimes help clients get reduced charges.

Get in touch with a Commerce criminal trial attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm, whether you are challenging a DUI arrest, defending against charges of business fraud or seeking restitution for damages suffered during a criminal act. We work hard for you, and our results prove it. Contact us online or call 706-510-0000.