Why motorcycle owners often invest in extra insurance

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Motor vehicle wrecks |

One of the many selling points concerning why motorcycles are excellent forms of transportation is their affordability when compared with four-wheeled vehicles. Motorcycles cost less than four-wheeled vehicles in most cases, unless someone compares a prestige motorcycle brand with a very affordable automotive line.

Motorcycles also often cost far less to fuel even when someone travels the same number of miles because bikes get much better mileage than larger gas-powered vehicles so. They also cost less to insure, in many cases, when compared with enclosed vehicles because they are less likely to cause catastrophic property damage and personal injury to others than larger, heavier vehicles are.

With that said, saving money by purchasing minimum motorcycle insurance coverage isn’t always the wisest move. Although Georgia only requires liability coverage from drivers, many motorcyclists could benefit from adding additional forms of insurance to their policies.

Why more coverage might be necessary

The baseline insurance requirements for motorcycles are the same as the requirements for other motor vehicles. Drivers need to have $25,000 in property damage coverage and in bodily injury coverage for one person hurt in a crash. Typically, a policy will also provide up to $50,000 in injury coverage in a crash where multiple people get hurt. A motorcycle rider who suffers massive injuries in a car crash could have far more than $25,000 in medical bills and many times that much and lost future income.

Riders can protect themselves from such losses with additional coverage on their own policies. Many people carry underinsured and uninsured motorist protection that will help them after a hit-and-run crash caused by another driver or a collision where there are major injuries and insufficient insurance coverage.

Professionals and heads of households that ride will often want to carry multiple times the state requirement in uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, which might actually require that they increase their liability coverage as well. That extra insurance can make all the difference for someone hurt in a crash and worried about how to cover their expenses. Of course, when insurance isn’t enough, those hurt in a wreck may have the option of filing a lawsuit.

Being proactive about having the right protections in place can be as important as making smart choices in traffic if someone hopes to avoid a motorcycle collision (and minimize the losses they suffer if one cannot be avoided).