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Accident compensation must be comprehensive

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Accident Injury

Those who are involved in a car accident may decide that it’s time to seek financial compensation from the other driver. This is true in cases where the other driver was responsible due to their action or inaction, perhaps simply because they were negligent, or maybe because they were intentionally driving in a reckless manner. Since the accident was their fault, they have to cover the costs faced by the other party.

In this situation, it is important for those who are seeking this compensation to make sure that they get a comprehensive offer that actually covers all of the costs that they have. In some cases, people will overlook or under-value specific costs, and this can be detrimental in the future. Below are a few examples of potential costs.

Medical bills

Naturally, you’re probably going to start this process by looking at your medical bills. Severe injuries can cause incredibly high bills very quickly, which is part of the reason that medical debt is a top reason for bankruptcy. You should not have to cover this all on your own – or declare bankruptcy – if someone else is the reason you’re in the hospital to begin with.

Lost wages

If you are injured and you’re missing time at your job, it can be very costly. You could actively lose weeks or even months worth of paychecks. The whole time that you’re going through physical rehabilitation and paying for that treatment, for example, you’re also missing out on paychecks that you and your family counted on. This money is needed just to make ends meet and keep the lights on.

Long-term changes

Finally, think about any changes that may last for the rest of your life. Maybe you have a lost earning capacity because you can never realize your full earning potential thanks to these injuries. Perhaps you have a disability that is going to need consistent medical care, meaning the medical bills will not stop anytime soon. You must consider how to seek compensation for these future losses.

This process can be complicated, so be sure you know what steps to take.