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When it is time for an older person to stop driving?

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Motor vehicle wrecks

Driving is a symbol of freedom more many people. As Americans age, they may dread the day when they realize that it’s not safe for them to drive any longer. Some of them will willingly give up their car keys, but others might fight against having to do that. 

In the end, whether an older driver can safely remain on the road is a question of safety. There are some points that must be considered when someone is trying to decide if remaining on the road is safe. 

Are there medical issues?

Some medical issues that come with age can cause symptoms that make it unsafe to drive. For example, the tremors that occur with Parkinson’s disease could make it impossible to drive a vehicle. Issues with memory, vision or cognitive abilities can all be problematic. 

Are they taking medications that impair their abilities?

Some medications can make it impossible to drive safely. This includes certain prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. These usually have a warning that it’s unsafe to drive after taking it. Allergy, arthritis, and blood pressure medicines are some of the more common that can affect a person’s ability to drive. 

Are they able to control a vehicle?

Losing muscle is common as people age. There may come a point when controlling the vehicle isn’t possible. Drivers need to have gross motor abilities, as well as fine motor skills to be able to drive safely. They also need appropriate cognitive abilities or there’s a risk of them crashing. 

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