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Safety is critical around semitrucks

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Truck Accident

Drivers share the roadways with semitrucks on a daily basis, but some of them forget that there are very specific things that they need to do when they’re on the road. Taking a little time to refresh your memory about how to safely drive around semitrucks is important. 

One of the most important things to do is to remember that semitrucks must be respected on the road. These rigs are large and heavy, and they can cause significant damage to smaller passenger vehicles. 

Give semitrucks space

It takes almost twice as long for a semitruck to stop as it does for smaller vehicles. Drivers shouldn’t ever jump in front of the trucker and suddenly stop because there’s a chance that the vehicle will be rear-ended by the big rig. 

Avoid the blind spots

The blind spots of the semitruck extend on both sides, as well as 20 feet in front and 30 feet in the rear. Typically, a trucker can’t see a vehicle if the driver of that vehicle can’t see the trucker. 

You can drive in the “no zones” around the truck quickly if you’re passing, but don’t hang out in those. When possible, pass the truck on the left side since that blind spot isn’t as large as the one on the right.

Your safety starts with you but it also depends on the behavior of others on the roadway. Wrecks that are the result of driver or trucker negligence can lead to the victim seeking compensation. This is an attempt to recover the financial damages that they incur because of the crash. Do this as soon as possible after the wreck so the time limits set by law don’t pass you by.