Have you been injured by road debris? 

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Motor vehicle wrecks |

There are so many things to think about when driving. Experienced road users tend to make rapid decisions almost automatically, but these are decisions that keep them safe. 

One factor that is difficult to anticipate is road debris. Road debris can come from numerous sources and may inflict severe injuries. What do we mean by road debris and can an individual be held liable for such incidents? 

Unsecured cargo 

The most notable form of road debris is unsecured cargo loads. While vehicles are commonly used for carrying passengers, they can also be a great way to move equipment and goods around. Large trucks carry goods across the state of Georgia every day. This is essential, but when the goods are not securely attached, they can place other road users in real danger.

Trucks often carry large items, such as logs and hefty containers. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take a commercial load to severely hurt someone. Even unsecured groceries in a car can be a hazard should they enter the roadways at high speeds.  

Other types of debris 

Construction work regularly occurs on the highways. They require routine inspections and maintenance. If construction workers have closed off or obstructed a section of the road, they should alert drivers with the appropriate signage. Workers also need to ensure that they do not leave any tools lying on the roadside once the work has been completed. 

Who is liable for road debris accidents? 

Some accidents cannot be avoided. However, if you’ve been hurt by road debris and negligence played a factor, then you may be entitled to legal compensation. Make sure you seek the appropriate guidance before making your next move.