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Why intersections are so dangerous

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Motor vehicle wrecks

Driving is an efficient way to get around and it can even be an enjoyable activity. Nonetheless, there are always a number of risks present at any one time. Even driving in a straight line is more hazardous than some people think, and operating a vehicle only becomes more dangerous when you introduce traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles.

Intersections are points at which two roads cross or converge, meaning that traffic approaches from numerous directions. Navigating intersections can be tricky, and the risk of an accident is fairly high. In fact, intersection accidents are second only in terms of frequency to rear-end collisions. Outlined below are the key reasons why these parts of the roadways are so dangerous.

Obstructions to visibility

The placement of intersections is not always ideal. Drivers need to have an idea of what is coming. Buildings, structures, trees and a lack of lighting are just some ways that visibility may be decreased at intersections. If the approach to an intersection is not clear, then drivers may simply not be able to see potential hazards in time.

Aggressive driving

A driver may have left it late before setting off to work, or they might believe that they are entitled not to be obstructed. Impatient and aggressive drivers are dangerous in any location, but especially at intersections. The traffic flow might be interrupted, or even at a standstill at intersections, increasing the anger of an impatient driver. In such circumstances, they are far more likely to act irrationally and make a fatal error in judgment.

Unexpected events

Disputes often arise as to who has the right of way at intersections. You may set off only to find that a pedestrian has crossed in front of you. You should also always be on the lookout for emergency services in these areas. Although they tend to be as careful as possible, they might seek an unorthodox route through traffic so that they can provide prompt care to a person who is in need.

The roads can be hazardous and intersections need to be carefully negotiated. If you have been caught up in a road traffic collision, it may benefit you to explore your legal options.