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Shoulder injuries: 4 common types after car crashes

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Personal Injury

A shoulder injury caused by a car accident could lead to serious problems for a victim. They may struggle to work because of pain or dysfunction that affects the shoulder, arm, upper back and neck.

Some common kinds of shoulder injuries that people develop due to car crashes include separated shoulders, dislocated shoulders, fractured shoulders and rotator cuff injuries. These all have the potential to be extremely painful and to have lasting consequences.

  1. Separated shoulders

Separated shoulders occur when the ligament between the shoulder blade and collar bone is torn. This injury may just need rest in some cases, but it can also require surgery.

  1. Dislocated shoulders

With a dislocated shoulder, the bone connecting the arm to the shoulder pops out of the joint. This causes intense pain and may result in an inability to move the arm. A closed reduction puts the bone back into place, and then the injury may require medication for pain, immobilization, surgery or rehabilitation.

  1. Fractured shoulders

Shoulder fractures can occur in several places including the upper arm bone, shoulder blade and collar bone. Depending on the kind of fracture it is

  1. Rotator cuff injuries

It is common to see rotator cuff injuries after a car crash. Since a large amount of stress is required to damage the rotator cuff, it’s more common to see injuries in those over the age of 30. Treatments may include steroid injections, physical therapy or surgery in some cases.

These and other kinds of shoulder injuries are possible as a result of a car accident. It is necessary to seek medical attention for these kinds of injuries because they can result in the dysfunction of the joint or chronic pain in that region if left untreated.

You deserve support if you’ve been injured in an automobile collision

Shoulder injuries could impact your ability to work and may require ongoing physical therapy for several months or longer. After a crash, it’s important to think about seeking compensation from the at-fault driver, so you can cover the cost of your medical care and have the financial support you need as you work on your recovery from a personal injury.