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How could you actually fight a speeding ticket?

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Traffic Ticket Defense

Getting a speeding ticket may feel like a foregone conclusion. Sure, you can technically fight the ticket, but how? Aren’t they just going to make you pay because it is essentially your word against the officer’s?

While this can feel a bit overwhelming at times, rest assured that there are ways to fight speeding tickets, and people have been successful in doing it. You should at least consider them all when making your decision.

What evidence do you have?

The first question to ask is what evidence you have that you were not speeding or that it was not your fault. For example, perhaps you have a dashcam that records your speed. Maybe you were using your GPS and the device that you use has speed recordings built in. These may be able to show that you were not breaking the limit.

Or, perhaps the speed limit sign was hidden behind trees that grew up along the side of the road. You never saw it. A picture of the hidden sign could support your case.

It is worth noting that an officer may not come to the court hearing. If you just pay the fine, the officer does not have to do anything else. If you fight it and they don’t show up at all, your case may be dropped. There are also other arguments you can use, such as claiming the police pulled over the wrong car.

Moving forward with your case

As you can see, there are options if you do not want to pay the ticket. Be sure you know what they are and what steps to take.