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Know what to do if your child gets arrested

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Criminal Law

You got the call no parent ever expects to get: Your child called you from jail after they had been arrested. After you recover from your shock, you wonder just what you should do next to help your son or daughter.

Below are some tips to help you do the right things and prevent you from worsening the situation even more.

Instruct your child not to answer any questions

Your minor child has the right to remain silent and avoid incriminating themselves just as an adult does. Tell them so when they call you. Advise them that you and their attorney will be there shortly to arrange for bail.

Call a criminal defense attorney immediately

Even if you believe that your child is 100% innocent of whatever they have been accused of, you need to ensure that their rights are fully protected at this difficult time. Arrange for the attorney to meet you at the jail, so you can bond your child out.

Remain calm

While you may be furious with your child, try your best to remain calm. Unchecked anger at them or the police or outright hysteria will never help the situation get any better. Focus on solutions without exacerbating the problem.

Don’t believe everything that they tell you

It can be very difficult to accept that your child could have done whatever it is that led to an arrest. They may be truly innocent, but don’t accept this blindly. Regardless, it is the job of their attorney to strategically plot the best defense to their charge(s).

Instead, let the process play itself out, guided by your child’s criminal defense attorney and their team. That is how you can achieve the best outcome for your son or daughter after an arrest.