6 Tips from Top Personal Injury Attorneys

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top personal injury attorneys

Find out what top personal injury attorneys want you to know about your case.

Top personal injury attorneys want to make sure you know how to navigate the legal system following an injury accident. Getting hurt because of someone else’s negligence is not fair. However, it happens all the time. Personal injury lawyers have seen it all, from simple falls to wrongful deaths. While every situation is different, there are a few things you should know before you start building your personal injury case.

#1: Talk to as Many Witnesses as Possible

To get the largest settlement possible, you need to find people who can back up your story. Look for eyewitnesses who can provide their testimony under oath. Collect their contact information immediately following the accident. It’s much harder to locate witnesses after you leave the scene. Request that any witnesses also give a verbal or written statement for the police report.

#2: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words… or Dollars

Snap a few photos of the accident scene before you leave. This will help investigators recreate the accident to determine what happened. You may forget small details and looking at these photos will help jog your memory. Photographs may also provide valuable clues that you didn’t notice before. A simple picture may mean the difference between winning or losing your case.

#3: Don’t Put off Getting Medical Attention

Although you may feel well enough to go home after an accident, it’s better to get checked out by a doctor. Some injuries don’t manifest into pain until days or weeks later. Even some serious injuries, such as internal bleeding and concussions, are hard to detect without a proper examination. You may also need these initial medical records to help prove your case.

#4: Avoid Talking to the Other Side

Remember that the defendant doesn’t want you to win. By law, you do not have to speak to their lawyer. Anything that comes out of your mouth may come back to haunt you later on. Always have your lawyer present before agreeing to give a statement.

#5: Don’t Plan on Going to Trial

In the United States, only between four and five percent of personal injury cases actually see the inside of a courtroom. Alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation, typically cost less than going to trial. Most lawyers only recommend heading to court if you’re trying to make an example out of your case. If you want a larger settlement, try reaching an agreement in a mediation room instead.

#6: Hire a Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Personal injury cases can get messy, especially if you try to represent yourself. The defendant will do everything possible to disprove your claim. The legal system is full of obstacles and loopholes. You may find yourself outwitted. That’s why it’s best to “lawyer up” right away. The Wilbanks Law Firm represents clients in a variety of personal injury cases. We want to review the facts of your case. Find out more about the top personal injury attorneys by contacting the Wilbanks Law Firm, P.C. online.