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How Will I Know If I Need Help with Judgment Collection?

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Personal Injury

Help with Judgment Collection

Getting help with judgment collection lets you avoid conflicts and reduces the stress of payments due.

Getting help with judgment collection solves one of the worst problems about winning in the courtroom. Once you have a legal right to payment, you have to figure out how to convince the debtor to pay up. Chances are you spent several months trying to do just that before you came to court. Winning doesn’t automatically show you how to become more persuasive. It just offers you more ways of collecting the money. A legal collection service helps you put your judgment to work.

Are You Ready to Get Paid?

You’ve put in the time. Now you want the dime. It might not be as easy as you expected. Debtors have all kinds of ways to avoid paying their bills. Some people are so good at it, it’s like a second job!

You need to find out:

  • Where your debtor lives
  • Where your debtor works
  • What property your debtor owns

Then, you’ll be able to file for garnishment or a lien. Easy, right? Maybe not so much.

Your local courthouse is the obvious first stop for legal DIY, but the Clerk of Court can’t fill you in on all of the details. It can be to your financial benefit to hiring a service who will do all the legwork for you in exchange for a small portion of your judgment.

Your debt collection service will make easy work of filing for garnishments, putting liens on the property and setting up affordable payments plans. Best of all, you avoid the confrontation that comes with hassling a debtor for money.

Are You Ready to Relax?

It takes months or years of fighting to get into court. Another few months or years pass before you get a judgment. No one does a great job of handling the stress. Some debtors aren’t going to be happy regardless. They’ll rip up your letters and scream at you through the phone. They might even blame you for ruining their credit and preventing them from getting a better job or being able to buy a home.

Your mental and physical health will benefit if you avoid all that nonsense. Debt collection firms give you the chance. They face the negativity so you can finally kick back and relax.

Are You Ready to Reconnect?

In some cases, litigants know everything about one another. They might be best friends. They might be family! Legal disputes make life awful, and it’s common for everyone to think they’re in the right.

What happens when one of you winds up wrong? A lot depends on the personalities involved. Some will never accept it. Losing leaves others shocked, embarrassed and wanting pay up as quickly as possible. Most wind up in that troublesome grey area where follow-up makes all the difference.

A legal collection firm knows how to navigate those waters without making things worse. In some cases, using one gives you a chance to reconnect with friends, family and old business associates after you receive a judgment. The debtor is able to pay the obligation without a constant reminder that you won, and you can feel better as the bill gets paid off.

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