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What’s the Best Way to Get a Personal Injury Settlement?

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Accident Injury, Personal Injury

If you’ve suffered injury, you should be able to get any personal injury settlement as quickly and easily as possible.

Hopefully, you will never have to pursue a personal injury settlement. But if you do, the following steps can help make sure whatever personal injury settlement you do get is enough to fully compensate you for your injuries with the least amount of hassle and time needed.

Personal Injury Settlement Tip #1: Get a Personal Injury Attorney

Even in situations where you think you know how to negotiate or what damages you’re entitled to, the old saying applies: You don’t know what you don’t know. This is especially critical in cases where you’ve been seriously hurt or injured.

You might think you just need money for your medical bills, lost income and other expenses. However, your injury might affect your ability to earn income in the future, and you might need further medical care related to the injury. Then there might be damages you never thought to pursue, such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium or punitive damages.

Don’t forget that a personal injury attorney will know what steps to take if further legal action is necessary. If you’re anticipating a particular settlement amount, chances are good the other side is too. They will try to low-ball you and hope they can wait you out or call your bluff about suing or taking a case all the way to a verdict. If they try either of these strategies, you need to be prepared to go to court with all your best legal arguments fully developed.

Personal Injury Settlement Tip #2: Have Patience

This is probably much easier said than done when you’re suffering and seeing the unpaid medical bills stacking up. However, when personal injury settlements begin, the first offer from the defendant will almost always be very low. You’ll then have work your way up from this initial amount. The process takes time and if you don’t have patience, or come across as too desperate, the other side will use that against you, lowering any potential settlement offer you might eventually get.

Personal Injury Settlement Tip #3: Remind the Other Side about Favorable Facts

What constitutes a favorable fact will depend on your case. For example, if your injury occurred in a way that will be sympathetic to a potential jury, emphasize this to the other side. If you live in a plaintiff-friendly area, don’t forget to bring it up. Or maybe there’s a picture on social media that will make the other party look guilty. No matter what it is, mention it and use that in support of why you should get a higher settlement offer.

Personal Injury Settlement Tip #4: Examine the Evidence

Determine if you have a strong case, such as in situations where fault clearly lies with the other side and you were very badly hurt. But also know if you have a weak case. This will adjust your expectations and help you understand when a particular settlement offer is the best you can realistically expect. Of course, being able to determine these things will be much easier with the help of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

Bottom Line: Know Where to Go for More Information

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