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You Won’t Believe the Ways DUI Defense Strategies Can Come to Your Rescue

by | Oct 17, 2016 | DUI

If you’re facing charges right now, these DUI defense strategies can save the day.

If you’re currently on the hunt for DUI defense strategies, today has probably not been a great day for you. You probably got pulled over. You might have taken a field sobriety test. You might even have submitted to a breathalyzer.

While there are old wives’ tales about drinking coffee, sucking pennies, and chewing breath mints to beat a DUI, they don’t work. You don’t need urban legends right now. You need a solid plan for beating a DUI conviction.

First, a Quick Lecture about Drunk Driving

If you drive drunk, you’re likely to cause a serious accident. In fact, in the United States, DUI is one of the leading causes of mortality for young adults. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that traffic accidents involving alcohol lead to $37 billion in costs every year. Alcohol- and drug-related crashes lead to about $45 billion in damages each year. Just one DUI charge can cost thousands of dollars in DMV fees, attorney fees, court fees, fine, and ignition interlock devices for the accused. So, don’t drive impaired or under the influence.

You Can’t Beat a DUI Charge, Can You?

A common misconception is that it is impossible to defend a client against DUI charges. The truth is there are many ways DUI defense strategies can come to your rescue if you are charged with DUI. Believe it or not, testing over .08 on a blood test or breath test does not mean an automatic conviction.

Was Your DUI Arrest Legitimate?

Your defense strategy begins with questions about your arrest’s validity.

  • Did the police officer stop you properly?
    Was there a “reasonable suspicion” that you might be driving under the influence? Did the officer see you make a driving error? Were you speeding or swerving?
  • Was your field sobriety test conducted the right way? 
    The proper process is more complicated than it looks. If the officer intimidated you, the weather was bad, or even if you had unsuitable shoes on, your test might be invalid.
  • What about your blood alcohol test sample? 
    There’s a lot that can go wrong in the collection, storage, and processing of a blood sample. One misstep, and the test results could be worthless.
  • Do you suffer from certain diseases, disabilities, or conditions? 
    The symptoms of many medical conditions can mimic drunkenness. Even suffering from fatigue or a sinus infection can impact your ability to drive well.
  • Were you arrested properly? 
    Did the officer read you your Miranda rights – and do so before interrogating you? If not, the arrest itself might not even be valid.

Could Your DUI Case Get Thrown Out of Court?

In some cases, police officers are mistaken in stopping individuals due to suspicion of drinking and driving. Field sobriety tests are not always accurate. Can your lawyer prove the field sobriety test was inaccurate? Could we prove that the police officer was mistaken in stopping you in the first place? If so, that could be the end of your case.

Developing a Strategy for Your Defense

If you’re facing a DUI or DWI charge, you shouldn’t give up on getting the case against you dropped. DUI defense strategies can truly do wonders in terms of lessening the DUI charges against you or having them dropped entirely. Click to learn more about DUI defense strategies by contacting the Wilbanks Law Firm, P.C. online.