What Can a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Do for Me to Get Me Back on the Road?

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Find out why you should hire a motorcycle accident attorney immediately after a crash.

A motorcycle accident attorney represents individuals who’ve been injured in various traffic accidents involving their bike. Unfortunately, the annual number of cases involving motorcyclists is quite high. That’s because, in spite of being some of the best drivers on the road today, riders can be hard to see and are often ignored by larger vehicles.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Here are a few of the reasons an accident may occur. In all of these instances, motorcyclists likely have the grounds for a lawsuit:

  • Shoddy roadwork
  • Drunk driving
  • Road rage
  • Driving while on a cell phone
  • Distracted driving
  • General driving negligence

Your attorney can evaluate the situation, and see if your position warrants filing a lawsuit.

How Can They Help Get Me Back on The Road?

After an accident, your biggest goal is a return to good health, and a restoration of your bike. Your attorney can help you achieve both of those things in a reasonable amount of time.

Once you’ve hired someone, they’ll be able to outline the situation and help you understand the different ways your case can pay out. This doesn’t mean guaranteeing a successful trial outcome. Rather, it means outlining all of your options and helping you choose the path that’s right for you and your family. Your attorney should also be realistic about what’s likely to happen next, and not overpromise (or guarantee) results.

They should also ensure you receive proper medical attention, and that your bike gets repaired, regardless of whether or not your insurance is current. Many people fear hospital bills and the costs associated with bike repair because they lack the proper coverage. However, if you are not at fault, there’s a high likelihood you’ll be able to recoup all costs associated with both.

Is Filing a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Really Worth It?

A qualified attorney will only advocate filing if you truly have a chance of winning the case. While it’s true nothing can really make up for the pain and suffering caused by a motorcycle accident, filing a lawsuit can at least help you obtain monetary compensation to cover the cost of medical bills, bike repairs, lost income, as well as additional pain and suffering.

In the absolute worst-case scenario, it can also ensure funeral costs for the death of a loved one are paid for. The last thing you want to worry about while grieving is how you’re going to pay for burial costs. Your attorney can help take the load off your shoulders, and get your case started right away.

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