What Are White Collar Crimes and Do I Need a Lawyer?

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White collar crimes fall into their own category, but they are still a very serious matter when you’re accused of committing one.

There are white collar crimes, and there are blue collar crimes, and while no one ever wants to be charged with committing one of either type, the status of the person in question determines the classification. A blue collar crime is one that is committed by a member of a lower social class and typically involves a small scale. These crimes usually involve an immediate gain for the people committing them, and can include murder, assault, and narcotics distribution among others.

White collar crimes fall under a different umbrella. However, they are not victimless offenses. The FBI estimates that these crimes cost the United States over $300 billion dollars per year, and individuals accused of them can face penalties including, but not limited to, heavy fines, home detention, forfeitures, and prison time.

So What Exactly Are White Collar Crimes?

While blue collar crimes can involve violent actions and small scale theft, white collar offenses can usually be sorted into three categories:

  1. Lying,
  2. Stealing
  3. And cheating.

These three make up the bulk of white-collar crimes, which are committed by business and government officials who are grouped into higher social classes. Insider trading, bribery, insurance fraud, embezzlement, bankruptcy fraud, and the theft of trade secrets are just some examples of white collar crimes, which can often be concealed through a number of complicated transactions implemented by perpetrators in order to cover their tracks.

If You’re Accused of Committing a White Collar Crime, Do You Need Legal Representation?

Although white collar crimes are typically non-violent in nature, the people accused of committing them still face daunting consequences if found guilty. The government’s handling of white-collar cases has grown more aggressive in recent years, as evidenced by increased criminal investigations where civil proceedings used to be more common.

With all of this focus on convicting accused perpetrators, proceeding without the assistance of an attorney can be a risky undertaking. A lawyer with experience in financial and government matters can help you navigate the complications of a white collar investigation, while doing what they can to help you avoid prosecution. An experienced legal team would also be able to provide valuable insight on how to avoid future legal problems regarding your business practices.

Is a White Collar Criminal Lawyer Worth the Cost?

Paying for a lawyer especially in this particular area can get very expensive. People accused of white collar crimes face the government itself, which can spend whatever it deems necessary, in addition to the many other tools at its disposal. Opposing this kind of influence is not a cheap endeavor. However, an attorney can work with you to help create an understanding of the expenses that you might face. Together you can come up with a plan that prepares you for the various outcomes you may encounter.

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