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What Can Drunk Driving Attorneys Do for Their Clients When the Law Is Against Them?

by | Jun 6, 2016 | DUI

How Drunk Driving Attorneys Can Help Even When the Odds Seem Overwhelming

While you aren’t required to hire a drunk driving attorney to represent you during your DUI case, it’s definitely worth considering. Regardless of the situation, there are a few things an experienced attorney will always bring to the table: familiarity with the system, understanding of plea bargains and how they work, and the ability to successfully navigate the maze of administrative procedures that surround your case.

Read on to learn why hiring an experienced DUI attorney might be in your best interest.

Pleading Guilty to a DUI Charge

If you plan to plead guilty, you might be wondering why we would be advocating hiring a DUI attorney in the first place. However, before you enter a plea, you should understand the full extent of the penalties and fines you will face in your state. It’s always best to have all the information you need to be able to make a truly informed decision. And, even if you still decide to move forward with the guilty plea, your attorney may be able to provide you with valuable counsel that could impact the overall severity of your sentence.

Attorneys can also facilitate a plea bargain on your behalf, resulting in a lesser sentence and an overall reduction of charges. This is particularly useful in courts where the prosecuting attorneys have a reputation for “over-charging” offenders.

Many prosecutors are guilty of stretching the definition of the applicable charges (aka: over-charging) in an attempt to boost their own reputation. While the practice is technically legal, it becomes more difficult for a prosecutor to make the trumped-up charges stick if they are facing off with another experienced legal professional inside the courtroom.

Bargaining Down Your DUI Sentence

Similar to plea bargaining, many states offer something called sentence bargaining. In instances where your sentence is likely to include steep fines and/or an extended period of incarceration, you would want to know what your penalty is going to be before pleading guilty. Where legal, your attorney can act on your behalf to understand where the court stands and then advise you based on the outcome. This doesn’t impact the number or type of charges but rather the sentencing outcome based on the charges that have been brought against you.

Multiple DUI Offenses

If this is not your first DUI or DWI, we strongly recommend you secure legal representation immediately. Past activities and sentencing can figure heavily into your current case, and you are going to want an expert to help you spot your biggest areas of weakness, and strategize for ways to minimize them.

In Need of Experienced Drunk Driving Attorneys?

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