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How Construction Accident Lawyers Can Help You Get Back on Your Feet

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Accident Injury

Learn how hiring the right construction accident lawyers can protect your best interests.

Some people call construction accident lawyers terrible things. The term “ambulance chaser” is one that immediately springs to mind. But in the often-dangerous world of construction, these attorneys are precisely the ones you want to hire when something has gone wrong.

They understand the line between inherent and unnecessary risks that come with the line of work. Plus, they can help you determine if you have a claim and how much it might be worth. With the thousands of (preventable) injuries occurring on job sites each year, you need the help of an experienced accident attorney fighting on your behalf to claim what is rightfully yours.

How a Construction Accident Attorney Will Fight for You

Many injuries can cause permanent damage, or have other long-lasting effects. Unfortunately, insurance companies and their corporate clients aren’t paid to do what’s right. In fact, their job frequently involves minimizing the total insurance payout by as much as possible. This already puts them at odds with your best interests, and when they make it sound like signing on the dotted line is your only option, it’s easy for you to feel cornered and overwhelmed.

This is one of the single, greatest benefits of hiring professional legal counsel. Your attorney is on your side and fighting for you. They will let you know if a settlement seems fair given the particulars of your case, or if you should think about alternate strategies for improving the outcome. Even if you aren’t interested in going to court, your attorney can negotiate specific clauses and benefits into your settlement, protecting you and your family for years to come.

Construction Accident Attorneys Know Your Rights

This includes your benefits and entitlement under corporate policy, federal law, insurance and more. This is especially helpful if there is more than one party involved in the job. For example, you may be on a construction site run by Company X, but the site itself is being built on behalf of Corporation Y. You may be entitled to benefits under the policies of both companies, depending on when, where and how the accident occurred.

However, the more companies that are involved, the more difficult it is going to be for you to handle the claims completely on your own. And if those companies also have high-powered attorneys and fancy insurance companies, you might begin to feel a little bit like David going up against Goliath. Your attorney should be able to level the playing field, and keep those companies from contacting you directly without their permission and presence.

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