In a Wreck? What an Accident Injury Attorney Can Do for You

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Six reasons you should consider hiring an experienced accident injury attorney.

“What does an accident injury attorney actually do, and what can they do for me?” We hear this question a lot from clients. The most simplified answer? We help people like you get what you deserve, by law, in personal injury and accident cases. We represent individuals, and their families, who have been injured or killed due negligence, or other unlawful acts.

Whether the result was injury or death, we navigate the challenging waters remaining in the aftermath of an accident. This means we deal with insurance companies, risk management departments, and other relevant parties, ensuring you are represented properly and in accordance with state and federal law. You will be taken seriously when these institutions evaluate your claim for merit and settlement purposes.

Here are a few of the upsides you can expect when working with an experienced personal injury attorney:

  1. They are responsible for dealing with insurance companies and other parties. You’ll avoid feeling pressured or intimidated, and you can be sure the information you’re given is legally accurate. In the instances where you must speak with a company directly, your lawyer can help coach you on how to respond to questions. In the legal arena, often how you say something is just as important as what is said. They can help steer you away from any statements that could inadvertently damage your case.
  2. They act as a witness. By having an attorney present during all proceedings, you are reducing the risk of a company misconstruing or misrepresenting what you have told them at a later date.
  3. They will honestly evaluate your case, and help set your expectations regarding the outcome of your case. Every case has different strengths and weaknesses; no two cases are alike. However, your attorney can call on their years of experience to outline a solid strategy, and help you make an educated decision about how you would like to proceed with your case.
  4. They will help determine what insurance coverage clauses do and do not apply in your specific case. Additionally, they will notify each of the respective insurance parties potentially involved in the case, to ensure proper coverage is triggered and you have grounds to recover any expenses and damages owed from them.
  5. They will review the settlement proposal and advise you on its merit. Once you’ve settled the details, they then submit this proposal to appropriate parties, making sure your claim is properly processed, and you receive the appropriate compensation.
  6. In the event of a lawsuit, they will walk you through both the merits and costs of your case. Since each case is different, an attorney will need to draw on previous litigation cases, and past experience, in order to help you assess your chances of settlement. Only you can determine the minimum amount you’re willing to settle for, and whether you are bound by time sensitivity, but they can help you understand the options. You should then work together to craft a strategy best supported by the facts of your case, and your family’s needs.

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